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world religion

Jains Make up what percent of religions 0.1%
Jainism was founded by who? Mahavira 599-527 BCE
All people can become God through... Moksha
The universe runs on its own
Janism is animistic which means.... most things are animated through soul
Jiva mean...? Ajiva means...? alive....not alive
What is the goal of Jaimsim to realse the encumbrance fromthe wordly matter, by attaining Moksha
Sallekhana means holy death not attachment
asceticism is denying the body and having extreme control of the body
What is Karama in Jainisim having physical control can effect those in heaven
what is Arihants removed internal caves of karma which is the first stage
what are the Siddhas removed externam causes of Karma second stage
Arihants and Siddhas are considered Gods
Puja offering food, flowers, flames to statues
fasting mostly at new moons and the new year helps relase negative karma from the soul
pilgrimage Patna where Mahariva died
Two Main Branches Digabaras and Shuetambaras
Digabaras conservative reaction to other jains
Shuetanbaras monks dress in white robes women are allowed
Newest Branch Terapathas 1817
Acharya supreme guru to oversee
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