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Skeletal System

A & P Skeletal System

disorder that has characteristics of a "hunchback" would be what type of "spine disorder" kyphosis
what "spine disorder" would cause abnormal "side to side" curvature of the spine scoliosis
this type of break would produce many fractures (fragments) comminuted fractures
this is where yellow bone marrow occurs medullary cavity
what is another name for a compound fracture open
when you have inflammation of the joints and it affects your synovial membrane, you have what form of arthritis infectious arthritis
what condition occurs most frequently in postmenopausal women with calcium deficiencies, and is a serious bone disease osteoporosis
what does hematopoiesis process of blood cell formation
what term refers to the end of the long bone epiphyses this is where we make red bone marrow, and hematopoiesis
what is another name for a simple fracture closed
what could happen to a child who has not had a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamin D rickets
what does the skeletal system act as a storage system for calcium
what are ribs called that do not attach themselves to any other costal cartilage floating ribs
what type of joint uses cartilage to connect bones and is considered to give the joints "slight movement" amphiarthroses
what metabolic bone disease would be characterized by demineralization related to vitamin D deficiencies. this mineral content is lost from bones that have already matured. osteomalacia (Adults only)
osterosarcoma is a very aggressive cancer that usually effects men between what ages 20-40 yrs. tibia, humorus, femur
what type of joint permits the widest range of movement ball and socket
what type of arthritis is classified as a metabolic condition and deals with uric acid gouty arthritis
what is considered an autoimmune inflammation of the connective tissue rheumatiod arthritis
what metabolic bone disease would be characterized by "frenzied" osteoclastic and osteoblastic activity paget disease
the skull contains how many sinus cavities 4 pair, but 8 total cavities
a disorder of the spine that has characteristics of a "sway back" would be what type of spine disorder lordosis
what is andother name for bone reabsorbing cells osteoclasts
what type of fracture would have bone fragments driven into each other impact
what are the four function of the skeletal system Support, storage, protection, movement
what type of joint would allow movement in only two directions like the hinges on a door hinge joint
what is another name for cartilage cell chrondrocyte
what are bone building (forming) cells osteoblast
what bone refers to the shaft of the long bone diaphysis
what is the most inportant funtional difference between the male and female skeleton that is related to its role in reproduction pelvic area of a male is narrower than that of a female
what are the number of pairs of true ribs 7 pair
what is the most common noninflammatory disorder of arthritis osteoarthritis
what is the strong fibrous membrane covering of the long bone periosteum
what type of cancer is considered cancer of the cartilage tissue chondrosarcoma, 40-70 yrs. 2nd most common
what is the difference between a "sprain" and a "strain" strain is over stretching, sprain is ligaments
what si the "soft spot" on the bebies skull called fontanels
the sutures (joints between cranial bones) are an example of this type of joint synarthroses (no movement)
what joint would be considered to have "free movement" Diarthroses, the synovial memebrane secreats synovial fluid (lubricating fluid) so that there is free movement
how many number of bones are in the adult vertebral column 26
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