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What two countries were in the One Hundred Years' War? England and France
French leader who claimed he was rightful King of England. William, Duke of Normandy
What did William, Duke of Normandy have to do with the 100 Years' War? attacked England and tried to take land that was in France.
Who was Joan of Arc? led the French troops at Orleans
Why did Joan of Arc get involved in the war? had visions from God to lead French troops
Who won the 100 Years' War? French
What is a monarchy? rule by King or Queen
How does a monarch get its power? inherits (by birth)
What is an absolute monarchy? King or Queen who has total control
What is a parliamentary monarchy? King or Queen who must consult with a parliament before making decisions (English govt.)
Who was King John? King of England in early 1200's
Why did King John's family dislike him? tried to kill his dad; killed his brother and nephew to get into power
Why did the Catholic bishops dislike King John? seized bishops' lands
Why did the nobles dislike King John? overtaxed them, jailed them without a cause or trial, took their land
What was King John forced to sign in 1215? Magna Carta
What did the Magna Carta do? gave rights to nobles and people, took some power away from King or Queen, set up parliament
Why was the Magna Carta so important to the English citizens and future Americans? because many of the rights we have today came from Magna Carta; basis of our democracy; set up England's governernment - king or queen, parliament, prime minister, House of Lords, House of Commons
Name two events which led to the decline of feudalism in Europe. 100 Years' War, Black Plague
What was "humanism's" main theme? creating well-rounded individuals and encourage people to achieve
Who was Petrarch? Italian poet and scholar who stressed the restoration of Greek and Roman writers
Name any five Renaissance artists. Breughel, Bellini, Durer, Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, DaVinci, El Greco, Brunelleschi, Titiian, Botticelli, Giotto, Holbein, Cellini, Masaccio
Besides being an artist, what else was Leonardo DaVinci known for? inventions
What is Michaelangelo's most important work in the Vatican? Sistine Chapel
Tell any 3 stories portrayed in art in the Sistine Chapel. Flood; Sacrifice of Cain and Abel; Drunkenness of Noah; Creation of Eve; Creation of Adam; Fall of Adam and Eve; Separation of land and water; Creation of sun and planets; Creation of lights
Who is the English writer who wrote "Romeo and Juliet?" Shakespeare
Name the Italian writer and poet who wrote "Divine Comedy." Dante
Name the Spanish writer who wrote "Don Quixote." Cervantes
Name the English writer who wrote "Utopia." More
Name the political writer who wrote "The Prince." Machiavelli
Who was Johann Gutenberg and how did his invention revolutionize the world? invented printing press, spread information quickly
What was the Great Schism? split in church
What led to the Great Schism? Pope was moved to Avignon France by French King; 2 popes - one in Rome and one in Avignon
Who were the key players and their roles in the Great Schism? Pope Clement V - moved church headquarters to Avignon; Holy Roman Emperor - set up a conference to end schism
How were the common people hurt by the Great Schism? didn't know who to follow
How was the Great Schism resolved? Conference in Germany in 1414
Who was Martin Luther? German monk who disagreed with many corrupt practices of Catholic Church
What corruptions did Luther and other reformers find with the Catholic Church? became rich with land and money; Popes and Bishops sold indulgences
What were the "95 Thesis'?" a paper with complaints about the church written by Luther and tacked up on church doors
What major religious revolt did the 95 Thesis cause? Reformation
What religion did Luther create? Lutherinism
Define Protestant. any church who broke away from Catholic Church
Who was Calvin? reformer from Switzerland who began Calvinism religion after breaking away from church
What was Calvin's main belief? Predestination - belief that God already knows if you will go to heaven or hell before you are born
Who began Calvinism? Calvin
What religions are offshoots of Calvin's original religion? Presbyterian and Reform
Who was Henry VIII? King of England
Why did Henry VIII break away from the Catholic Church? because the Pope wouldn't grant him a divorce
What religion did Henry VIII start? Anglican or Church of England
What did St. Ignatius Loyala do? began the Jesuits
What was the Counter Reformation? council of Trent called by the Catholic Church to fix and reform their problems
What was the Inquisition? church court set up to investigate people who wandered away from Catholic Church
What did the inquisition do to anyone who "wandered" from the Catholic Church? intimidation, torture, burned books
What kind of monarchy does England have? parliamentary monarchy
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