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Exam I

Chapters 1-4

What does the term phlebotomy mean? Incision of a vein
Which of the acronyms is not a certification agency for phlebotomists: ASCP, ASPT, AMT, NAACLS NAACLS - National Accreditation Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
This term is evidence of an individual's proficiency in a particular area of practice Certification
What is Informed Consent Patient's understanding and agreement of procedure to be done
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HIPAA regulates what area? Privacy of health information
What step does one take if a patient refuses to have blood drawn? Notify patient's physician according to institution's policy
A phlebotomist must ensure what process before drawing a patient's blood? Informed Consent
True or False: Phlebotomy is an ancient profession dating back at least 3500 years True
What state has led the way in state regulation of phlebotomy? California
Hospital Laboratory falls under what administrative category? Professional
Which department of the hospital dispenses drugs? Pharmacy
Most phlebotomists are employed by what type of health care org? Hospital
CLS Clinical Laboratory Scientists
Clinical Laboratory Scientists represents? A certified laboratory professional
SST Serum Separator Tube
SST stands for what type of blood collection vaccuum tube? Serum Separator Tube
JC (Joint Commission) or JCAHO (Joint Commission Association of Health Orgs does what? Accredits and inspects clinical laboratories
What department of a lab processes Pap smears Cytology
Which anticoagulant is used most often in collection tubes for hematology studies EDTA
Hgb does what? Measures the blood's capacity to carry oxygen
What lab department would normally perform a prothrombin time (PT) test? Coagulation
Which color tube may be used to obtain serum for a lab test? Red
What term is used to describe serum that is darker yellow than normal? Icteric
What term is used to describe serum that is cloudy or milky? Lipemic
What term is used to describe serum that is pink-tinged? Hemolyzed
Sodium, Potassium & Chloride are all part of which panel tests? Electrolytes
Culture & Sensitivity (C&S) tests are performed by which lab dept? Microbiology
What term is used when a patient donates their own blood for future use? Autologous
Which lab dept uses genetic and biochemical techniques to analyze DNA in speciments Molecular diagnostics
Who is usually the director of a hospital lab? Pathologist
Which lab dept performs blood typing? Immunohematology
What dept dips paper strips into specimens? Urinalysis
Reference lab is what kind of lab? An independent lab that analyzes samples from other health care facilities
What professional service in a hospital may perform arterial blood gases Respiratory therapy dept
CBCs is performed in what dept? Hematology
Unknown drugs within specimens are identified within what Chemistry lab? Toxicology
OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Is a government agency responsible for workplace safety
Infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses represent which type of safety hazard? Biological
Needles and lancets are which type of safety hazard? Sharps
First action to take if you are stuck with a used needle? Flush area with water and clean wound with soap and water or disinfectant
Written information about a chemical and its hazards is available in what documents? MSDS
MSDS stands for? Material Safety Data Sheet
What first action to take if chemical splashes in your eyes? Flush the eyes for 15min at an eyewash station
A red label area is represented by what square? Flammability
What first steps should take if you see smoke or flames in a lab? Pull the fire alarm
Anaphylaxis refers to? Rapid, severe and life-threatening immune reaction
A wet floor is which type of safety hazard Physical
While working in a lab, what is one of the safety protocols action may be peformed? Wearing a watch
What acronym identifies the UN hazard class and Identifying number? DOT
DOT stands for? Department of Transportation
According to safety stds, the following is an acceptable action Adding acid to water
Define infection Invasion and growth of a disease-causing microorganism in the human body
What term is used for an object that is contaminated by bacteria? Fomite
What does reservoir mean? A person who carries a disease agent but is not sick
What is the term for infections contracted by patients in a hospital? Nosocomial infections
HEPA stands for? High-Efficiency Particulate Air
High-Efficiency Particular Air prevents which type of disease transmission? Airborne diseases
West Nile virus is carried by? Mosquitoes
What type of disease transmission does a mosquitoe carry? Vector
What most frequent and important transmission route for infection is contracted by hospitalized patients? Contact
Ingestion of contaminated food is transmitted by what route? Common vehicle
To prevent the spread of infection, what is the most single important action? Hand washing
This acronym refers to barriers used to protect skin, mucous membranes and clothing from infectious agents PPE
PPE stand for? Personal Protective Equipment
How long is the proper technique to wash hands? 15 seconds
Respirators must be certified by which agency? NIOSH
NIOSH stands for? National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
When donning PPE, which item should be put on last? Gloves
Standard Precautions term is used for? Infection control measures that use barrier protection
When removing PPE, which item should be removed first? Gloves
When removing PPE, what is the last thing one should do? Remove gloves
Bloodborne Pathogens Stds (BBPS) requires am employer to provide what vaccine? Hepatitis B
According to BBPS, who is responsible for providing PPE to an employee? The employer
According to the Bloodborne Pathogen Std rules, which specimens are considered to be potentially infectious? All blood and body fluid specimens
A diluted solution of which the following can be used as a disinfectant against bloodborne pathogens on countertops and work spaces? Bleach
Which of the following is the term for separatiuon of an infectious source from it's susceptible hosts? Isolation
In addition to std precautions, what type of precautions should also be used for patients with such diseases as tuberculosis and measles? Airborne
In addition to std precautions, what type of precautions should also be used for pts with such diseases as herpes or wound infections? Contact
In addition to std precautions, what type of precautions should be used for pts with such diseases as HIV or hepatitis B? Bloodborne
For a phlebotomist, what is the principal occupational risk for infection? Infection from an accidental needle stick
A small blood spill from a specimen you are handling occurs on a lab countertop, what is the usual procedure you should use to handle the spill? Wearing gloves and using 10% bleach as a disinfectant, clean up visible blood
In which of the following situations is it acceptable to skip washing your hands? After eating lunch
Lancets are used to collect blood samples by..? Capillary or skin puncture
According to NCCLS, a pediatric lancet should be engineered to penetrate how many mm? 2.0 mm
Which of the following would be useful in routine venipuncture? Tourniquet, dry gauze pad or cotton and needle
The most important step to ensure accuracy in sample collection is? Identifying the patient properly
To determine the size of the needle, remember that the higher the gauze, the Smaller needle bore
A centrifuge is used in a clinical lab setting to Separate liquid from cells in blood
The oral glucose tolerance test is used for detection of Diabetes
To collect blood for a CBC test, what color tube is used? Lavender
For electrolyte testing, use what color of tube? Red
For cholesteral blood testing, use what color of tube? Red
Sodium citrate is an anticoagulant of choice for coagulation studies because it protects? Clotting factors
The purpose of doing blood cultures is to detect? Septicemia
When preparing a blood smear directly from a skin puncture, it is best to? Wipe away the first drop of blood
Anticoagulants are used to? Prevent blood from clotting
APTT Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time
BMP Basic Metabolic Panel
FBS Fasting Blood Sugar
GTT Glucose Tolerance Test
HCT Hematocrit
CCU Cardiac Care Unit
C&S Culture and Sensitivity
ICU Intensive Care Unit
HGB Hemoglobin
BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen
Created by: Moshort
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