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blood system13

chapter 13 blood system

how many types of 5 different types of mature leukocytes Basophil Esonophil Neutrophil Monocyte Lympocyte
3 types of polymorphonuclear leukocytes Basophil Esonophil Neutrophil
2 types of mononuclear agranulocytic leukocytes monocytes lymphocytes
Eosin eosinphils- contain dark granules that stain with dark red (eosin)dye.they increase in allergic reactions and engulf substances tat trigger the allergies.
neutrophils they contain dye that is clear or neutral.they are phagocytes (phag/o means to eat)they are found@ sites of infection where they eat and destroy bacteria
lymphocytes controls thh immune response;makes antibodies to antigens
monocytes phag/o (eat digest) phagocytic cell that becomes a macrophage and digests bacteria and tissue debris (contains one lrg nucleus)
CSF colony-stimulating-factors ,these promote the growth of granulocytes in bone marrow
Four major plasma protiens albumin,globulins, fibrinogen,prothrombin
albumin maintains the proper portion and concentration and water in the blood.
edema results when.. too much fluid from the blood "leaks" out of the tissues.
globulins are another component of blood and plasma proteins.
immunoglobulins antibodies that bind ti and sometime destroy antigens.
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