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History chapter 2 QT


The land between the Tigres and Euphrates Rivers was called what? Mesopotamia
What was the basic unit of the Sumerian civilization? Ziggurat
What invention made it easier for the Sumerians to transport things? the wheel
If a building collapsed and the son of the building's owner died, the builder's son could be put to death according to the what? The Code of Hammurabi
Why was ancient Egypt different from Mesopotamia in terms of protection? Egypt had natural barriers to guard against invasion.
What was the burial place for a pharaoh called? a pyramid
What class were most of the Egyptian people? peasants
Why was the Phoenician culture best known for? The alphabet
Where did the Israelite originally migrate to Palestine from? Egypt
How long did the Assyrian Empire last? As long as the Chaldeans and Medes were part of the empire.
They created the 22 signs representing the sounds of their speech? Phoenicians
Creators of the first Mesopotamian civilization Sumerians
Wedge shaped writing cuniform
The first Indo-Europeans to make use of iron Hittites
Used terror in a war Assyrians
The religion of the Israelites Judaism
A collections of 282 laws The Code of Hammurabi
Believing in many gods Polytheism
Built in the time of the Old Kingdom the pyramids
What does "Ten Lost Tribes" stand for? Kingdom of Israel
They created the largest empire the world has yet seen and established satrapies to administer it Persians
What was the first empire in the world history? Akkadian Empire
What was hieratic script used for? record keeping, business transactions, and general needs of life
Why did the Persian Empire have such good communication? They had well maintained roads and food and shelter for the king's messengers
Who invented cuneiform? The Sumerians
Cyrus the Great captured Babylon. How did he act? He showed restraint and wisdom
A city with political and economic control over the surrounding countryside city-state
A massive stepped tower in a Sumerian city Ziggurat
What is it called when the government is run by Divine Authority (by gods and religion)? Theocracy
The term for the ancient Egyptian rulers. They were buried in pyramids pharoahs
What is the name of the government official in ancient Egypt? vizier
What is the complex system of writing? hieroglyphics
What is the simplified version of hieroglyphics? hieratic script
How does the Nile effect Egypt? by providing water and transportation
Having one God? monotheism
What is the name of one of the 20 provinces Darius divided the Persian Empire? Satrapy
When a government is run by a king or queen monarchy
How did the Assyrians treat those they conquered? They would be abused. The Assyrians were not nice.
Where was Mesopotamia located? Between the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers
Name 6 inventions of the Sumerians wheel, wagon, writing, weapons, tools, bronze
What purpose did mummification serve? to preserve them for the afterlife
Who was the first to use iron? Hittites
Why was Judaism different from the other religions? They only believed in one god.
What did Cyrus do for the Jews after he conquered Babylon He set the Jews free
What was the purpose of the pyramid? To provide a secure resting place for the pharaoh after he died.
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