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3540 wk 3

Abbrev and Terms

ERISA Employee Retirement Income Secutity Act
HO Hearing Officer
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
NPI Nation Provider Identifier
FTC Federal Trade Commission
OD Right Eye
OS Left Eye
OU Each eye or both eyes
SC Snellen Chart
AD Right Ear
AS Left Ear
AU Each ear or both ears
AS Astigmatism
CAT Cateract
G Glaucoma
Optic Pertaing to the eye or sight
Extraocular Outside the eyeball
Blepharoptosis AKA ptosis drooping of the upper eyelid that is usually due to paralysis
Conjuctivitis AKA pinkeye An inflammation of the conjuctiva
Papilledema AKA choked disk Swelling and inflammation of the optic nerve
Diplopia AKA double vision The perception of two images of a single object
Nyctalopia AKA night blindness A condition in which an individual with normal daytime vision has difficulty seeing at night
Presbyopia Condition of common changes in the eye that occur with aging
Esotropia AKA crosseyes Is strabismus characterized by an inward deviation of one or both eyes
Exotropia AKA walleye Is strabismus characterized by outward deviation of one eye relative to the other
Tonometry The measurement of intraocular pressure
Orbitotomy Surgical incision into the orbit or boney socket
Tarsorrhaphy Partical or complete suturing together of the upper and lower eyelids
Keratotomy Surgical incision of the cornea
Pseudophakai An eye in which the natural lens has been replaced with a intraocular lens
Retinopexy Surgical fixation used to reattach the retina
Myringopathy Disease of the tympanic, membrane or eardrum
Otalgia AKA earache Pain in the ear
Otopyorrhea Flow of pus from the ear
Otosclerosis Ankylosis of the bones of the middle ear resulting in a conductive hearing loss
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