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C.H. ch 1&2

Church History Chapters 1 and 2

what is the word that means "witness"? martyr
who was Stephen? the first Christian martyr and "a man full of grace and power"
what are the 3 stages of the writing of the Gospels? Jesus' life, oral traditions, and written Gospels
what are 3 examples that are part of the New Testament? acts of the apostles, revelation, the Gospels
what did Constantine and Licinius? Edict of Milan
what did a relic holder contain? bone/pieces of bones of martyrs
both Peter and Paul are believed to have been executed after Christians were prosecuted by who? Emperor Nero
how did Deacon Laurence die? roasted
what were the names of the two women who showed strength and courage as Christian martyrs? Perpetua and Felicity
the Greek word from which the word "baptism" is derived means? to plunge or immerse
the earliest form of baptism we know of was what? immersion into a river or body of water
what are 3 examples of those who had a leadership role in the church? bishops, priests, and deacons
what is a creed? essential beliefs
what is rites? sacramental system
what is community? roles performed by various Church members
what was the function that apologists served in the early Church? clearly and effectively explain and defect Christian beliefs
in regard to scripture, what does "setting the canon" mean? the process by which the writing in the New Testament were recognized as inspired scriptures
Christs suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension paschal mystery
1/3 reason Christians were susceptible to Roman persecution was why? Christianity became separate and distinct from Judaism
2/3 reason Christians were susceptible to Roman persecution was why? Christianity spread quickly throughout the empire
3/3 reason Christians were susceptible to Roman persecution was why? Christianity rejected the worship of the emperor and the gods of the Romans
what was the first group of Christians that was the primary target of persecution from their fellow Jews were who? Hellenist Chritians
why was Peter seen as the "rock "? he was the head of the Christian community
what was the resolution that resulted from the Council of Jerusalem? the leaders of the Church decided to free the Gentiles fro the Jewish Regulation and other Jewish dietary laws
who was in the Council of Jerusalem? Peter, Paul, Barnabus, James
if during a celebration of the Eucharist a bishop used a prayer that people liked other bishops would what? adopt it
what were the primary focuses in Judaism? going to church and worshippping one God
what is one way Christ makes himself known? sacraments
the sacraments are meant by God to be what? free gifts
when was the Council of Jerusalem created? 50 AD
what year did Nero set Rome on fire? 64 AD
what year was the destruction of Jerusalem? 70 AD
what year was the Edict of Milan? 313 AD
what were the first Deacons? Greek
what year was Christianity seen as the main religion? 394 AD
how did the martyr Stephen die? stoned to death
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