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Combining Forms

SB/Combining Forms

Combining FormMeaning
mast/o breast; mastoid process
esthes/o sensation, feeling
nat/o birth
ven/o vein
ablat/o take away, destroy
abras/o scrape off
access/o supplemental
acr/o extremity; highest point
actin/o rays of the sun
acu/o needle; sharpness
acus/o the sense of hearing
adjuv/o giving help or assistance
affect/o state of mind; mood
affer/o bring toward the center
agglutin/o clumping, sticking
aggreg/o crowding together
ag/o to lead to
agon/o causing action
agor/o open area or space
aliment/o food, nourishment
alkal/o base (high pH)
all/o other, strange
ambly/o dimness
amygdal/o almond shape
anabol/o building up
analy/o to separate
anastom/o unite 2 tubular structures
ancill/o servant, accessory
angi/o blood vessel
anis/o unequal
anthrac/o coal
apher/o withdrawal
apic/o apex
appendic/o appendix
appendicul/o limb; small attached part
append/o small structure hanging from a larger structure
appercept/o fully perceived
arachn/o spider, spider web
articul/o joint
ascit/o ascites
astr/o starlike structure
atel/o incomplete
ather/o soft, fatty substance
atheromat/o fatty deposit or mass
athet/o without position or place
attenu/o weakened
augment/o to indrease in size or degree
auricul/o ear
balan/o penis
bar/o weight
basil/o base of an organ
bas/o base of a structure; basic (alkaline)
blephar/o eyelid
botul/o sausage
brux/o to grind teeth
cac/o bad, poor
calc/o calcium
calcul/o stone
calic/o, cali/o calix
calor/o heat
can/o resembling a dog
capill/o hairlike structure
capn/o carbon dioxide
carb/o carbon atoms
carbox/y carbon dioxide
cari/o caries (tooth decay)
carot/o stupor, sleep
catabol/o breaking down
caud/o tailbone, lower part of body
caus/o burning
cavit/o, cav/o hollow space
celi/o abdomen
cellul/o cell
cervic/o neck, cervix
chez/o to pass stool
chir/o hand
chlor/o chloride
cholangi/o bile duct
chol/e, chol/o bile, gall
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o common bile duct
chondri/o little granule
choroid/o choroid (middle layer around the eye)
cid/o killing
cili/o hairlike structure
cirrh/o yellow
claudicat/o limping pain
cleid/o clavicle (collar bone)
clon/o rapid contracting & relaxing
coarct/o pressed together
cochle/o cochlea (of the inner ear)
coit/o sexual intercourse
coll/a fibers that hold together
colp/o vagina
comminut/o break into minute pieces
compress/o press together
congest/o accumulation of fluid
coni/o dust
conjug/o joined together
con/o cone
contus/o bruising
copr/o feces, stool
cor/o pupil
coron/o encircling structure
coron/o encircling structure
cor/o pupil
corpor/o body
cortic/o cortex (outer region)
cosmet/o attractive, adorned
crin/o secrete
cry/o cold
cubit/o elbow
culd/o cul-de-sac
cusp/o projection, point
cut/i skin
cyan/o blue
cycl/o ciliary body of the eye; cycle; circle
cyt/o cell
dacry/o lacrimal sac; tears
dec/i on tenth
decidu/o falling off
degluti/o swallowing
delt/o triangle
dem/o people; population
dendr/o branching structure
densit/o density
dentit/o eruption of teeth
desicc/o to dry up
dextr/o right
dextr/o sugar
diaphor/o seating
diaphys/o shaft of a bond
diastol/o dilating
didym/o tests
dips/o thirst
dos/i dose
duc/o bring or move
dur/o dura mater
dyn/o pain
ecchym/o blood in the tissues
eclamps/o a seizure
ectat/o dilation
ectop/o outside of a place
edentul/o without teeth
efface/o do away with; obliterate
effus/o a pouring out
emet/o to vomit
emulsific/o particles suspended in a solution/liquid
encephal/o brain
enucle/o to remove the kernal or nucleus
enur/o to urinate in
ependym/o lining membrane
epilept/o seizure
epiphys/o growth area on the end of a bone
episi/o vulva (female external genitalia
erg/o activity; work
erythemat/o redness
es/o inward
esthes/o, esthet/o sensation, feeling
estr/a, estr/o female
ethm/o sieve
eti/o cause of disease
etym/o word origin
excori/o to take out skin
extens/o straightening
extrins/o on the outside
faci/o face
fasci/o fascia
fec/a, fec/o feces, stool
femor/o femur
ferrit/o, ferr/o iron
fibrill/o muscle fiber; nerve fiber
fibrin/o fibrin
fibul/o fibula
fiss/o splitting
flex/o bending
foc/o point of activity
foli/o leaf
famin/o opening into a cavity or channel (foramen)
forens/o court proceedings in criminal law
fove/o small, depressed area
fratern/o close association or relationship
fruct/o fruit
fulgur/o spark of electricity
fund/o, fundu/o farthest part from the opening (fundus)
galact/o milk
gemin/o twins; set or group
gene/o gene
gener/o production; creation
genit/o genitalia
gen/o arising from; produced by
germin/o embryonic tissue
ger/o old age
gest/o, gestat/o from conception to birth
glen/o socket of a joint
gloss/o tongue
glycer/o sugar alcohol (glycerol)
goni/o angle
gon/o seed
gustat/o the sense of taste
halit/o breath
hal/o breathe
hebe/o youth
hec/o habitual conditon of the body
helic/o a coil
heter/o other
hex/o habitual condition of the body
hidr/o sweat
hirsut/o hairy
home/o same
hom/i man
hyal/o clear glasslike substance
hydatidi/o fluid-filled vesicles
hydr/o water, fluid
hy/o U-shaped structure
hypophys/o pituitary gland
hyster/o uterus, womb
iatr/o physician; medical treatment
icter/o jaundice
ict/o seizure
idi/o unknown, individual
incud/o incus (anvil-shaped bone)
infarct/o area of dead tissue
insulin/o insulin
insul/o island
integument/o skin
integu/o to cover
interstiti/o spaces within tissue
intrins/o on the inside
intussuscep/o to receive within
involut/o enlarged organ returns to normal size
irid/o, ir/o iris (colored portion of the eye)
isch/o keep back, block process
jugul/o jugular (throat)
kal/i potassium
kary/o nucleus
kel/o tumor
kerat/o cornea, hard fibrous protein
ket/o, keton/o ketones
kines/o, kin/o movement
kyph/o bent, humpbacked
labi/o lip, labium
lact/i, lact/o milk
lamin/o lamina (flat area on the vertebra
lapar/o abdomen
lei/o smooth
lenticul/o, lent/o lens of the eye
lex/o word
ligat/o to tie up or bind
limb/o edge, border
lingu/o tongue
lipid/o, lip/o fat
lith/o stone
lob/o lobe of an organ
loc/o in one place
log/o word, the study of
lord/o swayback
luc/o clear and shining
lumin/o lumen (opening)
lun/o moon
ly/o, lys/o break down, separate, dissolve
macul/o small area or spot
malac/o softening
mandibul/o mandible (lower jaw)
man/o thin
manu/o hand
masset/o, mastic/o chewing
mastoid/o mastoid process
melan/o, melen/o black
men/o month
ment/o mind, chin
mesi/o, mes/o middle
metr/o measurement
mictur/o making urine
mit/o threadlike structure
mi/o lessening
mitt/o to send
morb/o, morbid/o disease
mort/o death
mot/o movement
mucos/o mucous membrane
myc/o fungus
mydr/o widening
myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
myring/o tympanic membrane
my/o, myos/o muscle
myx/o mucus-like substance
narc/o stupor, sleep
necr/o death
ne/o new
nid/o nest, focus
noct/o night
nod/o node (knob of tissue)
nodul/o small knobby mass
optic/o lenses, properties of light
opt/o eye, vision
orbicul/o small circle
orchi/o, orch/o testis
orex/o appetite
or/o mouth
orth/o straight
osm/o the sense of smell
osse/o bone
ossicul/o ossicle (little bone)
ossificat/o changing into bone
ot/o ear
oure/o urine
ov/i, ov/u, ovul/o ovum (egg)
ox/i, ox/o, ox/y oxygen
palliat/o reduce the severity of
palpit/o to throb
papill/o elevated structure
pareun/o sexual intercourse
pariet/o wall of a cavity
par/o birth
paroxysm/o sudden, sharp attack
part/o childbirth
parurit/o to be in labor
pathet/o suffering
paus/o cessation
pect/o stiff
pector/o chest
pedicul/o lice
ped/o child
pen/o penis
peps/o, pept/o digestion
percuss/o tapping
perone/o fibula (lower leg bone)
phac/o, phak/o lens of the eye
phag/o eating, swallowing
phas/o speech
phe/o gray
phil/o attraction to, fondness for
phleb/o vein
phor/o to bear, to carry
phren/o diaphragm, mind
phylact/o guarding or protecting
phys/o, physi/o inflate or distend; grow
pil/o hair
plak/o plaque
plas/o, plast/o growth, formation
pleg/o paralysis
pne/o breathing
pod/o foot
poikil/o irregular
polar/o two opposite poles
poplite/o back of the knee
presby/o old age
prim/i first
proct/o rectum and anus
pronat/o lying face down
prote/o protein
prurit/o, psor/o itching
pupill/o pupil of the eye
purul/o pus
pyel/o renal pelvis
pylor/o pylorus
py/o pus
pyret/o fever
pyr/o fire, burning
radic/o all parts including the root
radicul/o spinal nerve root
rap/o to seize and drag away
refract/o bend or deflect
reticul/o small network
rhabd/o rod shaped
rheumat/o watery discharge
rhin/o nose
rhiz/o spinal nerve root
rhytid/o wrinkle
rib/o ribonucleic acid
roentgen/o x-ray; radiation
rrhe/o flow, discharge
rub/o red
rug/o ruga (fold)
sacchar/o sugar
sagitt/o going from font to back
salping/o fallopian tube
saphen/o standing
sarc/o connective tissue
scal/o series of graduated steps
scaph/o boat shaped
schiz/o split
scint/i, scintill/o point of light
scler/o hard; sclera (white of the eye)
scoli/o curved, crooked
scot/o darkness
script/o write
scrot/o a bag; scrotum
semin/i, semin/o sperm
sen/o old age
septic/o infection
sept/o septum
ser/o serum of the blood; serumlike fluid
sial/o saliva; salivary gland
sin/o hollow cavity; channel
sinus/o sinus
somat/o body
som/o a body
sorb/o to suck up
sphen/o wedge shape
sphenoid/o sphenoid bone or sinus
sphygm/o pulse
spir/o breathe, a coil
spondyl/o vertebra
squam/o scalelike cell
stal/o contraction
staped/o stapes (stirrup-shaped bone)
sten/o narrowness, constriction
steth/o chest
sthen/o strength
stigmat/o point, mark
stom/o surgically created opening or mouth
stomat/o mouth
strept/o curved
styl/o stake
sucr/o sugar
sudor/i sweat
supinat/o lying on the back
suppur/o pus formation
syncop/o fainting
synov/o, synovi/o synovium (membrane)
systol/o contracting
tact/o touch
tars/o ankle
tax/o coordination
tele/o distance
terat/o bizarre form
tetr/a four
thanat/o death
thec/o sheath or layers of membranes
theli/o cellular layer
thromb/o bloot clot
thyr/o shield
till/o to pull out
toc/o labor and childbirth
tom/o a cut, slice or layer
ton/o pressure; tone
torti/i twisted position
tox/o, toxic/o poison, toxin
trabecul/o mesh
trac/o visible path
tremul/o shaking
trich/o hair
trigemin/o threefold
trochle/o structure shaped like a pulley
troph/o development
trop/o having an affinity for; stimulating
tuber/o nodule
tuberos/o knoblike projection
turbin/o scroll-like structure; turbinate
tuss/o cough
tympan/o eardrum
ungu/o nail
uve/o uvea of the eye
vag/o vagus nerve
valv/o, valvul/o valve
varic/o varix; varicose vein
vas/o, vascul/o blood vessel
ven/i, ven/o vein
ventr/o front; abdomen
verd/o green
vers/o, vert/o to travel; to turn
vesic/o, vesicul/o bladder; fluid-filled sac
vestibul/o vestibule (entrance)
vest/o to dress
viril/o masculine
viscer/o viscera (internal organs)
viscos/o thickness
vis/o sight, vision
vitre/o vitreous humor; transparent substance
vuls/o to tear away
vulv/o vulva
xanth/o yellow
xen/o foreign
xer/o dry
xiph/o sword
zygomat/o zygoma (cheek bone)
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