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course 3540 week1

chap 12 definitions

an acute,rapidly spreading infection within the connective tissues cellulitus
atypical moles that can develop into skin cancer dysplastic nevi
the autoimmune disorder in which there are well-definedbald areas alopecia areata
swelling of clotted blood trapped in the tissues hematoma
profuse sweating diaphoresis
a normal scar resuting from the healing of a wound cicatrix
a large blister that is usually more than 0.5cm in diameter bulla
the removal of dirt,foreign objects,damaged tissue,and cellular debris from a wound debridement
a burn that has blisters plus damage only to the epidermis and dermis second degree burn
(warts)small,hard skin lesions caused by the human papilloma virus verrucae
ingrown toenail onychocryptosis
bacterial skin infection characterized by isolated pustules that become crusted and rupture(commonly occurs in children) impetigo
torn or jagged wound or an accidental cut wound laceration
lesions that tend to bleed easily basal cell carcinoma
group A strep, also known as flesh eating bacteria causes necrotizing faciitis
small,knot-like swelling of granulation in the epidermas granuloma
infestation of body lice pediculosis corporis
the term used to describe any redness of the skindue to dilated capillaries erythema
flakes or dry patches made up of excess dead epidermal cells scales
a cluster of connected boils carbuncle
producing or containing pus purulant
a fungal infection of the nail onychomycosis
tissue death followed by bacterial invasion and putrefaction gangrene
any condition of unusual deposits of black pigment in different parts of the body melanosis
(hives) itchy welts caused by allergic reaction urticaria
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