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Bible Test 10/6

Bible Test

Because I did not except the role of Nagid, the kingdom was torn from me. Saul
Just before I died I reminded the people of God's covenant requirements and I challenged them to serve God alone Joshua
I commited the first murder on earth Cain
My floating home was a symbol of God's mercy. Noah
The snake in the garden was not happy when we told him his head would be crushed Adam and Eve
Trickster whose name was changed to Israel Jacob
I told people to set up a monument at Gilgal to remind them of faithfulness Joshua
When I led the people out of Egypt Noah
Name the 5 parts of a covenant preamble, historical prologue, requirements, blessings/cursings, summary paragraph
What are the two lenses thru which we view the bible? Cross and Empty Tomb
What you meant for (1) God meant for (2). (1) Evil, (2) Good
Where did Noah go to get the 10 Commandments Mt. Sinai
( )rocks, 12 ( )s (12) (Tribes)
Who helped the spies and Joshua defeat Jericho and was later spared. Rahab
Name 3 of David's wives Bathsheba, Abigail, Mikhaila (with out the the a....)
In the story of the Exodus (1) is the protagonist and (2) is the antagonist. (1) Moses (2) Pharoah
What is the name of Jacob's first wife? Leah
Who was Leah's father? Laban
David's daughter who was raped? Tamar
What was Tamar's half brother's name that raped her? Amnon
Who took revenge on Amnon Absolom
Who is the chief counselor to Absolom Ahithophel
What was the name of the priest who helped David Hushai
Moses was afraid of Egyptians so he told them his wife Sarai was his sister. True or False False. Moses wasn't married to Sarai, Abraham was.
Who came first Joseph or Jacob? Jacob
The Ten plagues were a confrontation with the God's of Egypt? True or False True. Darkness, Sun God
God led the people of Israel by a (1) and a (2) (1) Pillar of cloud by day (2) Pillar of fire by night
What the prophets name that confronted David with his sin Nathan
Who were the 12 stones set up for? For the Israelites children-it was a memorial for what God has done for them.
Who was Rebecca married to? Isaac
What was Isaac referred to? Child of Promise
Referring to Abraham plus Hagar equals Ishmael
Created by: lucybelle
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