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CLC Family Unit

Biblical view of family

What are the names of the two women who bore Abraham sons? Hagar and Sarah
What is the name of Abraham and Hagar's son? Ishmael
What is the name of Abraham and Sarah's son? Isaac
What is one principle we can learn from the story of Abram, Sarai, and Hagar? Trust God to do what He promises to do. He is faithful!
What were the TWO covenants that God made with Abram? He promised to make him the father of many nations and He promised to give him the Promised Land
Who was the “son of promise” that was given to Abraham to continue his lineage? Isaac
What was the significance (or what was God doing/teaching Abraham) of the story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice Isaac in Genesis 22? God was teaching him to have faith and be obedient no matter what the cost was.
What is the THREE-part definition of obedience that we learned in class? Do what you’re told, when you’re told, with the right heart attitude.
When Scripture says to “honor” your parents, what FOUR things are included in the definition of “honor." Respect, Obey, Make them proud, Show unconditional love
What are the THREE reasons that Romans 13:1-7 gives for being obedient or submissive to authority? Authority is put in place by God. Rebelling against authority leads to judgment. Obeying authority leads to freedom.
According your notes, what are the TWO reasons that authorities have been placed in our lives? Protection and direction
What are the levels of the “School of Obedience?” Kindergarten, Grade School, High School, College, Grad School
What is the Kindergarten level of obedience? Obeying when you understand why.
What is the Grade School level of obedience? Obeying when you don't understand why.
What is the High School level of obedience? Obeying when you disagree.
What is the college level of obedience? Obeying when your authority is wrong.
What is the grad school level of obedience? Obeying even when the authority figure is not worthy of your respect.
What is an example of kindergarten level obedience? Your parents say don't run into the road because you will get hit by a car and might die, so you stay out of the road.
What is an example of grade school obedience? You turn 16 but your parents say you have to wait until 17 to get your license, so you wait.
What is an example of high school level obedience? Your parents tell you that you need to clean your room but you think you know where everything is in there and since it is your space you think you should be able to have it your way, but you clean it anyway.
What is an example of college level obedience? Your dad asks you to stay home from church to clean the garage with him, and so you do.
What is an example of grad school level obedience? Your dad is an alcoholic who is abusive to your mom but he asks you to do what your mom says and not talk back and you obey.
One of the steps in effective communication is to avoid what? Tantrums
What is a tantrum? Losing control... slamming doors, cussing, etc.
One of the steps in effective communication is to be _______________, not accusatory. assertive
One of the steps in effective communication is organize your _________ by writing them down. thoughts
One of the steps in effective communication is to approach your parents at a ________________ time. convenient
One of the steps in effective communication is to always tell the ________. TRUTH!!!
When you are being assertive and NOT accusatory, how should you begin your sentences? with I phrases. "I feel...", "I think..." rather than "You always...", "Why didn't YOU..."
When you approach your parents, you can make sure it is a convenient time by asking what? "Is this a good time to talk?"
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