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mrs h g

pure amazing

Where was the only temple located Jerusalem
where do samaritans worship Mount Gerizim
what purpose did a synagogue serve it was a house of prayer and worship, it served as a place of discussion for legal settlements
What did the Jews link the coming of the Messiah with? the reign of God
What does angel mean messenger
What is the Sanhedrin? the chief ruling council in Jesus day
Jesus criticized some Pharisees because..? the thought they could earn heaven by keeping all their religious customs
Where did the Sadducees get their name from? Zadok
Saducees were..? priests and Aristocrats
The Sadducees surpervised what? Temple practices and worship
The term Pharisee means? seperated one
Pharisees believed in..? a very stern observence of the law, which saved them from Gentile influence
Sadduccees accepted what? the Torah
The sadduccees was not inspired by the.... prophets or books of Wisdom
Who were experts in the Jewish law the Pharisees
Who despised Roman rule? the Zealots
What did the Zealots believe in? violesce to overthrow their enemies
What do some biblical scholar believe that John the Baptist was? Essene
Who was founded by the Teacher of Right? Esseres
Where did the Essenes live? the dead sea in a desert community of Quimran
The Essenes believed that Gods reign would be revealed through a dramatic even catastrophic event: a battle between good and evil
Who dissapeared after the destruction of the Temple? Saddicees and the Esseres
HOw did Herod court the favor of the emperor? by constructing many and dedicated them erecting pagan and supported emperor worshiped temples
Canon means what? official list of books in the Bible
who is the main figure of the Christian scriptures? Jesus
what was it called when Jesus teaches calls apostles performs miracles and proclaims the reign of God noted in the four Gospel accounts? Public life
The hebrew scriptures were what? the Scriptures
what was the most important part of the New Testament> the four gospels
the gospels were origianally written in what language? Greek
What were the first of the written documents which became the Christian Scriptures? the letters written by St Paul
what were the three uses for the word Gospe? Literally the Good news, refers to the good news preached by Jesus the good news of salvation won and the four documents Gospels written by Mark matthew Luke and John
what were some vegetables? onions, cucumbers, lentils, beans, kidney beans, lettuce, spinach, carrots, peas, green beans
what were some nuts? pistachios, almonds, peacons, walnuts
what were some grains? barley, wheat, rye, kasrnet, slet
what were some herbs and spices? garlic, oregino, oil, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves
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