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Charting Abbrv.

Massage M (circled)
Swedish Massage SWM (M circled)
Full Body FB
Full Body Swedish Massage FBSWM (M circled)
Muscle mm
Pain P (circled)
No Pain P (circled with a slash)
Headache HA
Left L (circled)
Right R (circled)
Bilateral BL (circled)
Unilateral UL (circled)
Mild L
Moderate M
Severe S
Greater Than >
Lesser Than <
Spasm Sp
Swelling SW
Tender Point TeP
Contraindicated contra
Deep Tissue DT
Hydrotherapy hydro
Palpation palp
Increase Arrow pointing upwards
Decrease Arrow pointing down
Change triangle
Hypertonicity HT
History Hx
Treatment Tx
Constant cons
Intermittent interm
Anterior ant
Posterior post
Activities of Daily Living ADL
Range of Motion ROM
Frequency freq
Adhesion Adh
Inflammation Infl
Stiffness st
Symptoms Sx
Trigger Point TP
Direct Pressure DP
Friction Fx
Homework HW
Moist Heat MH
Abdominals abs
Deltiod delt
elbow elb
Gluteal Muscle Group gluts
Head hd
Illipsoas IP
Lattisimus Dorsi lats
Pectorals pecs, PecM, Pecm
Quadricep Muscles quads
Rhomboids Rhomb
Sternocleidomastiod SCM
Soleus sol
Temporal Mandibular Joint TMJ
Triceps tri
Cervical Vertebrae C1-C7
Thoracic Vertebrae T1-T12
Lumbar Vertebrae L1-L5
Rotator Cuff Muscles SITS
Biceps bi
Chest ch
Gastronemius gastroc
Hamstrings Hams
Head and Neck H&N
Illotibial Band ITB
Levator Scapula levscap
Quadratus Lumborum QL
Ribcage RC
Scalenes ScM
Shoulder sh
Tensor Fascia Lata TFL
Trapezius trap
Cervical C
Thoracic T
Lumbar L
Subjective Objective Assessment Plan SOAP
Short Term Goal STG
Long Term Goal LTG
Positive, Plus +
Equals =
Minus, Negative -
Depression dep
Active Range of Motion AROM
Active Assisted Range of Motion AAROM
Passive Range of Motion PROM
Resistive Range of Motion RROM
Pain on Motion POM
Lymphatic Drainage Technique LDT
Myofascial Release Technique MFR
Propriceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation PNF
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome TOS
Vericose Vein VV
Physical Therapy PT
Prone pr
Sidelying SL
Supine sup
Cervical Nerves CN 1-8
Created by: harpylady269