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BR - Techniques

Board Review - Massage Techniques

A client with chronic psoriasis requests massage. What should you do? Massage is OK, but not in the affected area
What should you do if you are working on a client and he/she complains of pain as a result of your massage? Lighten pressure and continue communicating to be sure they are comfortable now
What is the best procedure for choosing music during a massage treatment? Ask the client for his or her preference including no music at all
Which physiological effect does Swedish massage have? It assists lymphatic and venous flow back toward the heart
How do you determine the length of time of the treatment? clients' needs
A client reports that he/she did not sleep well and is fatigued. Where do you record this information on the SOAP chart? Subjective
A therapist identifies that a client exhibits pain when the left lumbar area is palpated. Where do you record this information in the SOAP chart? Objective
A massage therapist takes the history of a ptient, performs a physical assessment to identify benefits of the treatment, and provides information for developing a care plan. What is all this called? needs assessment
Care plan development is based on the information obtained during the needs assessment. It includes applicable benefits of bodywork, general description of methodology to be used, time frames, and what else? client goals
What type of assessment is it that includes observation of the client's gravitational line, balance, and symmetry in various positions? posture
During postural assessment, a forward head position is observed. Which assessment method could be used to assess for tender areas within the muscles resulting from this postural deviation? Palpation
In which direction are deep massage strokes performed? Venous flow
On which muscles is tapotement usually done? Striated
Which massage movement can be described as the therapist grasps, picks up and compresses a muscle? petrissage
What has the cupping massage technique proven to be most beneficial for? bronchiectasis
Which massage stroke is most effective in assisting venous and lymphatic return? effleurage
What is the main purpose of deep transverse friction? Separate adhesions between muscle fibers
What does the vibration massage technique create? soothing effect on the nervous system
Which massage technique is described as milking a muscle? petrissage
In the treatment of tension headaches, which is the best massage technique to the neck, shoulders and back? firm kneading and deep effleuraage
Which combination of massage techniques stretches and broadens soft tissue? Effleurage and ringing
Which technique could you use on a patient with neuralgia, who would not tolerate effleurage? vibration and nerve tapping
Which massage technique uses long strokes, both superficial and deep, made with the palm of the hand? effleurage
How is ulna kneading in abdominal massage done? clockwise
Which massage techniques are used to alleviate respiratory congestion? Percussion and shaking
What do findings indicate in regards of psychogenic effect of massage? release of endorphins
What do you do when massaging an edematous leg? elevate the leg
Which term describes effleurage toward the heart? centripetal
Where is the best place on the body to use chucking and rolling? arms and leggs
When it is indicated, how or where should deep friction massage be done? Directly on the affected area
Which methods of stretching can result in increased muscle tension? ballistic
Which stroke might stimulate expectoration in a client with a chronic respiratory disease? percussion
When applying vibration massage technique on a client, what should the massage therapist do? keep wrist and finger joints stiff
How do you know if the client is relaxed when being massaged? deep rhthmic breathing
Which massage technique is used at the beginning and end of a massage treatment? effleurage
Which massage technique is appropriate for chronic swelling of the patella? effleurage
Which two massage movements are preparatory to all the rest? effleurage and kneading
Which movement should not be performed on the chest? heavy tapotement
What is the primary effect of light massage? Increase superficial blood supply
Which massage technique would you use on someone with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder? percussion, vibration, & deep massage of the intercostals
Which massage technique should not be used for cramps? friction
Which massage movement would be best for locating areas of spasm or pain? effleurage
What is the primary purpose of deep transverse friction? separate muscle fibers
Which movement is contraindicated in a cramp? tapotment
Which movement is best used on scar tissue? friction
Why would you use passive movements? to stretch muscle and tendon, break down adhesions, to correct structural deformity
What is the best massage technique for inter-costal muscles? Friction
What is the best treatment to prevent adhesions in muscle fibers? friction and petrissage
What is the best massage movement to use around the patella? friction
What is the best technique for creating heat in the tissues? friction
What are the best techiques for spastic hemiplegia? soothing effleurage and stretching
Which massage technique is best for creating local hyperemia? friction
Which massage technique applies clapping, tapping, or beating of the skin tissues? percussion
For swelling of the knee, which massage technique should be used? effleurage
What is a mechanical effect of massage? stretching superficial muscles
Why would you petrissage the colon? impacted feces
What is the best treatment for traumatic periostitis light effleurage
Which massage technique is best for increasing lymph flow? effleurage
What is the direction of swedish massage? from distal to proximal centripetal direction
What is the best massage technique(s) on the upper trapezius? deep friction & kneading
When you massage deep into joint spaces or around bony prominences, which massage movement is the best? friction
What is the least consideration when using the massage technique kneading? direction of movement
How should you massage the scalenes? downward and away from the spine
Would friction around veins be helpful? yes but not directly on the vein
What is cupping on the back most beneficial for? releasing mucous from upper respiratory system
In treating chronic constipation, which region would you focus your massage first? sigmoid colon
What does deep effleurage do for the body? promotes venous and lymphatic flow
Which movement passively stretches a muscle? tapotment, petressage, vibration, effleurage
Which massage movement should not be used on a muscle spasm? friction
Which movement can be used to flush out a muscle? effleurage
Massage is indicated for tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon and sheath). What technique should be used? transverse friction
What effects does massage have? Decreases heart rate and respiratory rate as well as increasing skin temperature
Which massage techniques would stimulate muscles and cause local vasodilation? percussion, vibration, kneading, friction
Where is petrissage most effective? belly of muscle
Which massage technique involves the hands moving in opposite directions? wringing
How does deep massage relieve muscle spasm? hyperemia and increased local circulation
Which massage technique milks muscles of waste products from too much exercise? petrissage
What is deep friction especially beneficial for? fibrous ankylosis
What is the best massage movement for chronic sprain? transverse friction
Which two movements best relieve muscle cramps? effleurage and petrissage
What is the primary change created by massage? dilation of blood vessels
Which are the best movements to sue after exercise? effleurage and petrissage
Which technique do you use for postural drainage? vibration and tapotemnet to the back
What is the best treatment for a client who has had a recent heart attack? effleurage and petrissage to the limbs
When applying effleurage, what should the pressure throught the stroke be? even
During which condition should you use deep friction? collateral ligament sprain
What is the best treatment for acute cervical muscle strain? RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation)
What is the best treatment for sub-acute ankle inflammation? deep stroking on the calf
Which massage techniques are best suited to treat edema? effleurage and kneading
Which structures allow muscles to slide over bony prominences? bursae
What type of exercise assessment determines if a muscle is weak? resistive
When abdominal massage is being performed, what position should the client be in? supine with pillow under knees
When treating bronchiectasis, how should you position the patient? prone, feet elevated, head down
What are adhesions not due to? lactic acid
Why should you not use deep pressure above the pubis? bladder discomfort
If you work on a trigger point in the deltoid, where would it likely refer the pain to? upper arm and down the lateral side of the arm
After a routine of resistance with weights, you might feel sore. What would most likely be the cause of this tenderness? eccentric contraction
Which method of bodywork reflects the concepts of Swedish gymnastics? passice range of motion
Which is an example of percussion? Rocking, hacking, checking, jostling hacking
To stimulate lymphatic drainage, which massage technique do you use? pumping
What is the relationship between post-isometric relaxation methods and reciprocal inhibition method? muscle energy methods
Which type of bodywork is Randolph Stone known for? Polarity bodywork
Which of the following concepts describe Polarity Bodywork? All fingers and toes carry either a positive or negative charge.
A client would like to support his/her massage session with self-help measures. Which approach would be the best? Reflexology and Hydrotherapy
Which technique has draping requirements? Swedish
Which mobilzation is best for identifying pain and limitation of movement that is caused by joint or ligament involvement? passice range of motion
When are deep stroking movements most effective? treating a body part that is in a state of relaxation
What do you do when a patient/client has a surgical scar with pain radiating below the area? refer to physician
Using good body mechanics is essential for the effectiveness of a treatment as well as the health of the massage therapist? With this in mind, where is the body's center of gravity? pelvis
What is characteristic of a pressure stroke? follows venous flow
What does vibration used for a protracted length of time result in? numbness
What is an important question for a massage therapist to ask when a client reports pain during a ROM assessment? When did the pain start? Does this movement always produce pain? Where is the pain radiating from and can you describe it?
What type of contraction does a muscle perform without creating any movement of a joint? Isometric
What type of movement is there when a massage therapist is asking a client to turn their head to the side to see how much range of motion they have? Active
What is the correct procedure for deep stroking? Work with the muscles relaxed, consider the effects of gravity, apply with venous flow
What is the name of the bodywork where there is an application of pressure to a reflex point on the hands or feet, in order to improve circulation and/or normalize body functions? reflexology
Which stretching technique reduces muscle spasm in a strained hamstring? Quadriceps contraction preceding the stretch reduces muscle spasm in a strained hamstring.
Between which two landmarks is sciatic nerve located? greater trochanter & ischial tuberosity
What is the best procedure for turning a client? raise the drape and ask the client to turn
Your client is clenching his/her hands and breathing shallow. What is this a sign of? anxiety
Which massage technique is used more than any other in the western world? swedish
When assessing range of motion, what do you examine and observe? active, passice and restricted movements
What are two inhibitory reflexes utilized in Muscle Energy Technique (MET)? reciprocal inhibition and post isometric relaxation
What is periostal massage? uses trigger points that helps eliminate pain and delay development of the degenerative process in the joints bringing pathological changes in the periosteum
What stroke should be used to move from one stroke to another? effleurage
What is reciprocal inhibition technique, and how does it require the client to act? Client contracts the antagonist to the muscle being stretched, allowing the muscle being stretched to relax
Which massage technique results in relaxing, stretching and lengthening the muscle? kneading
During the massage, where does the massage therapist originate his/her strength? hips
What does craniosacral therapy focus on? parasympathetic system
What is one of the functions of massage? decreases adrenaline
How do you define kneading? squeezing, rolling and pushing
Created by: Gneblu
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