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MEDA101 INT. words

LCC MEDA101 Integumentary terms

auto self
homo same
hetero different/other
epithelium layer of cells
epidermis top or outer layer of skin
dermis layer of skin under epidermis
subaceous glands oil secretion glands
sudoriferous glands produce sweat
keratin kerat/osis protein polimers, hair, nails age spots
lesion area of abnormal or altered tissue
macule flat (freckle)
papule raised dry bump (mosquito bite)
vesicle fluid filled bump
pustule pus filled
wheal hives
ulcer open sore where tissue has worn away
excoriation scratch mark
fissure leanear crack in skin
petechia (petechia) spot, reddish brown, minute hemorrages
nevus, nevi mole
comedone blackhead
eruption appearance of a skin lesion
erythema redness
pruritus itchiness
purulent containing pus
uticaria hives
burn tissue injury from exposure to thermal, chemical, electric or radiation elements
first-degree burn outer most layer epidermis
second-degree burn involving the epidermis and the dermis
third-degree burn deepest layer. subcontaneous tissue
cellulitis acute inflimation of the subcutaneous tissue. bacteria invasion through break in skin
nercrosis tissue death
psoriasis an itching, chronic reaccuring disease
herpes zoster shingles caused by chicken pox virus. lives in the nerves.
impentigo bacterial skin infection
dermatitis (eczema) inflimation of the skin, redness, itching
pediculosis infestation of lice
scabies mite that burrows under skin
tinea fungus of the skin, ring worm
debridement /debride removal of dead tissue
anti-inflammatory drug that reduces inflamation
antifungal drug that blocks the histamine in the body
antipuritic releaves itching
alopecia hair loss
I incision and drainage
Bx biopsy
C culture and sensitivity
HVS herpes simplex virus
SLE systemic lupus erythematosus
antihistamine allergen blocker
scler/o/derma dardening of the skin
erythr/o/derma redness of the skin
sub/cutane/ous pertaining to below the skin
intra/dermal pertaining to within skin
adi/pose fatty tissue
lip/oma fatty tumor
an/hidr/osos conditon without sweat
hydr/o/cephal/us conditon of water on the head
seb/o/rrhea oil discharge
hist/ology study of tissue
ichthy/osis fishy condition (scaley)
leuk/o/cyte white cell
erythr/o/cyte red cel
leul/o/rrhea white discharge
purpur/ic condition of purpleness
trich/o/phobia unusual fear of hair
trich/o/rrhea rupture of the hair (split end)
myc/ologist someone who studys fungus
onych/o/myc/osis abnormal condition of fungus on nail
par/onych/ia beside the nail
dys/plasia bad formation
electro/cautery electric cauterization
cry/o/surgery freezing surgery
auto/immune body fighting self
homo/phobia fear fo the same
homo/gen/ous pertaining to sameness
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