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2nd Quiz on warmups


away from ab-
good eu-
behind, back of retro-
beyond, excess ultra-
every 4 hours q4H
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean BBAC
Below the knee amputation BKA
Hg mercury
spinal cord, bone marrow myel/o
common bile duct choledoch/o
nose nas/i, nas/o, rhin/o
sacrum sacr/o
destruction, break down -lysis
sensation, feeling -esthesia
drooping, falling -ptosis
excessive, upper supra-
idio- one, distant
outside, beyond extra-
many multi-, poly-
gall bladder cholocyst/o
hair pill/i, -trich/o, capil/o
sL intenstine ile/o
cost/o ribs
AMA against medical advice, American Medical Asso.
with /c
drops gtt
glucose tolerance test GTT
-gram resulting record
vision condition -opia
-stalsis contraction
formative material of cells -plasm
two bi-
before ante-, pre-
small micro-
self auto-
absent abs
because b/c
axillary Ax
cancer CA, Ca
stomach gastr/o
heart cardi/o
lung pulm/o, pulmon/o
testicles orch/o, orchid/o
enlargement -megaly
softening -malacia
surgical removal of fluid -sentesis
disease, suffering -pathy
fast, rapid tachy-
no non-, a-
abn. size of length macro-
after post-
Birth Control BC, OC
intake & output i & o
specimen Spec.
Q every
tooth, teeth dent/o, dont/o, dent/i
abdomen, ab. wall lapar/o
ovary oophr/o
anus, rectum proct/o
secrete -crine
abn. condition, disease -pathy
abn. narrowing -stenosis
paralysis, stroke -plagia
endo- within
eti- cause
inter- between, among
sub- under, less, below
metr/i uterus
mamm/o breast
cardi/o heart
proct/o anus, rectum
CNS central nervous system
et and
noct. at night
ss half
-pathy disease, suffering
-oid alike, similar
-stenosis abn. narrowing
-plasia development, growing