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Health Class 2011 2

Part 2

What Is The Donation Process? Pronnounced Brain Dead Parents Or Family Members Give Consent Body is Kept On A Ventalator Organs Are Removed And Donated Family Recieves Information about donation recipients
What are three organs that can be transplanted? lungs Kidneys liver pancreas small intestine kidneys bowel
what are three tissues that can be transplanted? cornia, bone, sking, blood, bonemarrow, cartilage, heartvalves, ligaments, veins, tendions
what are the three levels of disease control? primary prevention secondary control tertiary
describe and give examples of primary prevention? What we do to prevent injury or illness floss brush wash hands wear helmet eat a lowfat diet get sleep pregnancy protection wear seatbelt
describe and List examples of secondary control early detection, medical and self exams giving self exams PAP smear pelvic examination mammography chest x-ray
Describe Give examples of Tertiary treatment cpr chemotherapy medication heimlich cancer surgery
What are the 7 Warning signs of cancer? Change in bowel or bladder habits a sore that does not heal unusal bleeding or discharge indigestion or difficulty swallowing obvious change in wart or mole nagging horaseness thickening or lump
Oncologist (cancer) trained in treatment and diagnosis of cancer
Advocate (cancer) someone who helps those affected by cancer by giving support, raising awareness, and improving care
Physical therapist (Cancer) helps with cancer rehabilitation
Researcher (cancer) help find cures and new ways of treatment
What is CVD? affects the heart and blood vescles
what are the two types of CVD Atherosclerosis hypertention
What is hypertension? High blood pressure
What is atherosclerosis accumulation of plaque in arteries, high colesterol
Behavioral Factors of CVD? eatin habits, sedentary life, smoking,poor stress management
Environmental Factors of CVD? Pollution, secondhand smoke, stressful workplace
What is cancer? and uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells
What is a tumpr abnormal mass of tissues that has no natural roles in the body, 2 types, benigin, and maligant.
What is Skin Cnacer? melanoma - deadliest form take a skin sample and look at it under a microscope
What is lung cancer? typically no immediate symptoms detected by a chest x-ray
Behviroal factors of cancer? not protection from the sun, smoking
Evironmental factors of cancer? Depletion of the ozone layer secondhand smoke asbestos
What is ostperiosis? brittle bone disesase, the progressive loss of bone tissues
How can ostperiosis be prevented? calcium and Vitamin D intake
What are behaviroal factors of Osteperisosis? lack of weight bearing activity, lack of calcium and vitamin D
What is bronchitis> inflamation of the boncos which causes mucus in the lungs
how is bronchitis treated? antibiotics, reduce exposure to smoke
What are behaviroal factos of bronchitis? smoking
what are environmental factors of bronchitis? expsoure to secondhand smoke air pollution asbestos
what is emphazyma? diseas that progressively distroys the walls of the aveioli almost always caused by smoking
what are the symptons of emphazyma? breathing difficulty chronic cough
behavorial factos of emphysiema? smoking
Envionmetla factors of emphysema? pollution asbestos secondhand smoke
What are ten things that are important about sleep? reduce stress better ability to meet demands improved coping skills body systems recover better ability to focus/remain on task fewer extreme moods assistance for problem solving through dreams more positive attitude.
How old must you be to get a tatto without consent? 18
what are some negative health risks and consequences of getting a tattoo? risk of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, turbuculosis,tetanus Skin infection, allergic reaction granuloma ink has not recieved FDA approval
How are tattoos removed? lazer treatment (time consuming, costly, leaves scarring
what is an aotoclave a heat sterilizing machine that sterilizes all needles that are not disposable.
What five things has the ATV saftey institute loong requested requrement for? must have saftey certificate certificate holders must be trained always hear approved helmets and eye protection sone one under six may ride no one under sixteen may ride without supervision
the ATV saftey instiditue has long requested to forbid what 2 things? childer under sixteen riding and adult ATV selling and adult ATV to a child uner 16
wht precentage of youth injures and deaths happen on adult ATV's? 90%
What are the seen warned against behaviors for ATV use? children on adult ATVs riding unsuperviesed riding without a helmet riding with a passenger riding on public roads riding at exsessive speds riding without training
What are the 8 Golden Rules? Always wear proper saftey gear, never ride on paved roads, unless saftely and approved by law never ride under the influcence never carry more passengers than allowed ride and ATV that;s right for your age Supervise underage riders
What are the 8 goldern rules continued? ride only on designated trails at a safe speed take a hands on course
Created by: DressageIsMagic