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digestive tract disorders

anal fistula is abnormal opening between the perianal canal abd the perianal skin
anal fissure is a laceration of the anal canal and the perianal skin
anorectal abscess infection in the tissue around the rectum
to reduce ingestion of infectious agents what is best to do wash hands
tying off with a rubber band is ligitation
hemmoroidectomy removal of hemmorhoid
injection of an agent causing vessel to shrink and die sclerotheraphy
polyps / complications? small growths in the intestine , bleeding and abstruction
polyps are diagnosed by barium enema exam or endoscopic exam
dilated veins in the rectum hemorrhoids
pressure increased by constipation,pregnancy and prolonged sitting or standing are risk for hemorrhoids
s/s of hemorrhoids rectal pain and itching , bleeding may occur with defecation
small sac pouches ub the intestinal wall diverticula
s/s of diverticulitis pain in left lower ab, related to irritatingf foods alcohol, constipationm persistent cough.
complications of diverticulitis bleeding, obstruction, perforation
opiod should not be given especially morphine to diverticulitites because they cause constipation and increase pressure in the sigmoid colon
inflammatory bowel disease inflammation and ulceratin of the bowel , chrons disease and ulcerative colitis
bulding portion of the intestine hernia
avoid what for a hernia lifting, straing,
irreducible herb=nia may become gangreous or incarcerated , and deprived of blood it is known as strangulation
appendiciitis is inflammation of the appendix
appendix located where R lower quad
a rupture appendix can lead to what peritonitis
elevated what indicates infection wbc 10,000-15,000
can u use laxatives and heat applications for appendicitis no never for any undiagnosed ab. pain, a cold pack and NPO
if appendix is inflamed heat can cause rupture
peritonitis inflammation of the peritoneum caused by chemical or bacterial contamination
complications of peritonitis include abscess, adhesions, septicemia, hypovolemic shock, feverm rachycardia, tachypnea, n&V
increased body wgt. of 20 % higher than ideal obesity
removal of adipose tissue through a suction cannula liposuction
is a loss of tissue from the lining of the digestive tract peptic ulcer
microrganism that causes peptic ulcers helicobacter pylori
gastric ulcers produce pain after how many hours of eating 1-2 hrs
duodenal ulcers experience pain after eating how long 2-4 hrs
backward flow of gastric contents from the stomach to esophagus gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD
s/s of GERD painful burning goes up and sown after meals relieve by antiacids
inflammation fo the lining of the stomach gastritis
diet for gastritis bland diet give 6 small feedings
queaziness feeling nausea
gentle ejection of food or fluid without N&V Regurgitation
s/s before vomiting tachycardia & increased saliva
achalasia difficulty swallowing , caused by failure of the esophageal muscles ro relax
parotitis inflammation of the parotid gland
inflammation of the gums gingivitis
trench mouth vincents infection
stomatiits inflammation of the oral mucosa
s/s of malnutrition glossitis, cracked lips, edema , jaundicem muscular wasting
lack of appetite anorexia
used for relief of or prevention of distensiion GI decompression
intestinal PH 6 or higher
gastric contents ph 5 or less
hold barrel of feeding how high, 12 inches
rapid feeding can lead to ,dumping syndrome
cold, sweat , distenstion dizzt , weak, rapid pulse, nausea and diarrea are s/s during feeding of what dumping syndrome
confirm placement x-ray best
grassy green, clear , ph less then 5 are gastric contents
bolus is how many ml's 200-300 over 30-45 min
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