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UB PHM 315 Counseling Rubric

Greet and Identify Self :)
Identify purpose of pharmacist- patient interaction I'm going to counsel you on your medication. Everything is confidential
Verify name and one other identifier address, birthday
Drug allergies/ intolerance foods/dyes
1) What did the doctor tell you this was for? open ended!
Verify name of drug brand, pronuciation
Verify strength of drug make sure it makes sense
Verify Purpose of Drug what it is for, how it works
2) How did the Doctor Tell you to Take this? open ended?
When and How to take the drug refer to script, be specific with route
dose of drug normal, adult, child, elderly
Duration of therapy lifetime for chronic conditions
Refill Info on script
Missed Dose do not double up, take as soon as you remember if it is not close to the time for the next dose
Proper Storage Out of Reach of Children. Room temp vs refrigerate. Cool, dry place. Cap tightly
3.) What Did the Doctor Tell You to Expect? Open Ended
Beneficial Effects of the Drug ...
How to tell the medication is working/ How efficacy will be monitored ...
Overview of Potential Side Effects ...
Strategies for avoidance and/or management of side effects take with food for nausea/vomiting
Monitoring parameters of safety/toxicity ..
Verify patient understanding via feedback of 1-3 ...
Appropriate closure Questions? Call if..?
Created by: HugsAndKisses