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Med. Term II

Human Development, Oncology, and Psychiatry

birth canal position with feet or buttocks first breech
removal of the fetus through the abdomen cesarean section
fertilized ovum up until 10 weeks of gestation embryo
assisted suicide or putting a person with an incurable disease to death euthanasia
union of an egg cell with sperm fertilization
product of conception from 8 weeks to birth fetus
pertaining to lod age geriatric
study of old age gerontology
fetal development from fertilization until delivery gestation
attachment to the uterus in the first stage of pregnancy implantation
process of expelling the fetus and placenta labor
infant under 4 weeks old neonate
study of neonates neonatology
medical specialty that diagnoses and treats women through pregnance and birth obstetrics
specialty that diagnoses and treats children through adolescence pediatrics
pertaining to genes/science of biological inheritance genetic/s
medical specialty concerned with preventing disease preventative medicine
immature tumor blastoma
cancer producing agent or production of cancer carcinogen, carcinogenesis
genetic change mutation
producing genetic change mutagenic
study of tumors oncology
exposure to radiation radiation; x-ray
immature white blood cell leukoblast
fibrous tumor fibroma
abnormal formation dysplasia
new formation neoplasm
upward formation anaplasia
cell formation cytoplasm
having above normal or excessive color hyperchromatic
tumor causing gene oncogene
fleshy tumor sarcoma
monster tumor teratom
splitting of the mind schizophrenia
study of the human behavior and mental disorders psychology
condition of sleep hypnosis
condition of nerves neurosis
rating of a newborn's activity apgar score
pertaining tothe psychological and social aspects psychosocial
split speed disorder schizophasia
affinity for the dead necrophilia
good feeling, feeling of well-being euphoria
fear phobia
unwarrented distrust of others paranoia
medical specialist in psychiatry psychiatrist
ana up, toward
dys difficult, painful, abnormal
onco tumor
meta after
blast immature cell
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