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Assignment Sheet 7

CTTC - Drug Classifications

Analgesic Gives pain relief
Anesthetic Causes loss of feeling
Antacid Neutralizes acidity, especially in the GI tract
Antianxiety Relieves emotional tension
Antiarrhythmic Regulates irregular heart rhythm
Antibiotic Kills living microorganisms that cause infection
Anticoagulant Prevents blood clotting
Anticonvulsant Prevents convulsions and seizures
Antidepressant relieves depression
Antidiabetic Treats diabetes
Antidiarrheal Relieves or corrects diarrhea
Antidote Counteracts or neutralizes a poison
Antiemetic Reduces vomiting
Antihistamine Treats allergy symptoms
Antihypertensive Lowers blood pressure
Anti-inflammatory Reduces inflammation
Antimicrobial Destroys microorganisms
Antineoplastic Treats cancers
Antipruritic Relieves itching
Antipsychotic Treats psychotic (out-of-touch-with-reality) disorders
Antipyretic Reduces fever
Antiseptic Stops growth of microorganisms
Antitussive Relives cough
Antivertigo Relieves dizziness
Antiviral Weakens a virus
Created by: granna