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Christianity quiz


Dogma authoritative teaching in regard to faith or morals that is considered to be a matter of Revelation and so and obligatory matter of belief.
Transubstantiation when the substance of bread and wine is changed into the substance of break and wine.
Presbyter priest or ordained lay person
Real Presence the belief the Christ is truly present in the Christian assembly gathered
Incarnation "in flesh"
Evangelism the practice of relaying info about a particular set of beliefs to others who do not hold those beliefs. Reference to Christianity
Evangelical wide spectrum of Christians who emphasize authority of Scriptures and the need for personal conversion (personal commitment to Christ and also witnessing the Gospel at home and in public)
Evangelization the communication of Christian faith to new geographical areas and cultures. (Today RCC the term "new evanelization is often used to speak of renewal programs to energize faith among its members)
Christians those believers who see themselves as followers of J.C.
Roman Catholics are those united under authority of Pope/Bishop of Rome; liturgies according to the Roman rite
Protestant originally group that protested Luther- Catholics generally assoc. with main groups of Christians who trace their origins to 16th century Reformation
Episcopalian pertaining or adhering to the Episcopal Church in America
Oikoumene "uninhabited world" or "universal"
Evangelican Christians person dedicated to promoting the good news of J.C. Intended to indicate a believer of J.C. who is faithful in sharing and promoting the good news.
Christmas celebration of the birth of Christ
Easter most important holiday for Christians,represents the crucifixion of Christ
Trinity central mystery of Christian Faith that God exists as communion of 3 distinct and interrelated persons. A mystery known through the divine revelation
Rituals Baptism and Lord's supper
Lent period from Ash Wed. to Easter. Annual commemoration during the Holy Week of the death and resurrection of J.C. No meat on Sun.
Crucifixion a common punishment from criminals during the Roman empire
The Rapture evangelican term fro the end of the world; an event in which Christians are suddenly taken from the earth to particiapte in the 2nd Coming of Christ. Christians who have died become resurrected to participate as well as those who are still living.
Ecumenical the movement to foster understanding, promote cooperation and seek reconciliation and unity
Education and Ecumenical Formation bodies and institutions that deliver ecumenical formation and faith nurturing by helping them develop capacity, cirricula and methodologies
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