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MS 5-5

muscular system diease and disorder terms

atrophy wasting or decrease in size of an organ or tissue
bradykinesia extremely slow movement
carpal tunnel syndrome inflammation and swelling of the tendons and median nerve that pass under the carpal ligament; also called repetitive stress syndrome or disease
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease hereditary condition characterized by progressive degeneration of the muscles of the lower leg, specifically those associated with the fibula
contraction shortening or tightening of a muscle
contracture abnormal and often permanent flexion at a joint caused by atrophy and shortening of muscle fibers
dermatomyositis connective tissue disease characterized by the destruction of muscle tissue and puritic inflammation of the skin
dyskinesia abnormal or difficult movement
dystonia abnormal muscle tone; prolonged muscle contractions
dystrophy abnormal development
fibroma tumor of connective tissue
fibromyalgia (FM) chronic pain illness characterized by widespread muscular aches, pains, and stiffness
ganglion cystic tumor of a tendon
hyperkinesia increased muscular movement and physical activity
hypertrophy increased growth or development of an organ or tissue not related to a tumor
leiomyfibroma benign tumor of smooth muscle and fibrous connective tissue
muscular dystrophy (MD) progressive weakness and degeneration of muscle fiber; genetically transmitted
myalgia muscle pain
myasthenia muscle weakness and abnormal fatigue
myasthenia gravis serious, generalized muscle weakness and abnormal fatigue without atrophy
myositis inflammation of muscle tissue
polymyositis chronic, progressive inflammation of skeletal muscles with muscle weakness and atrophy
rhabdomyolysis hereditary or acquired condition characterized by the destruction of skeletal muscle fibers and the release of muscle cell contents into the bloodstream
rhabdomyosarcoma highly malignant neoplasm or tumor of the skeletal muscle
sprain injury of the ligaments of a joint caused by wrenching or twisting
tendinitis, tenditis inflammation of a tendon
tenodynia tendon pain
tenosynovitis inflammation of a tendon sheath
torticollis shortening of the muscles on one side of the neck; wryneck
Werdnig-Hoffman disease genetic disorder characterized by progressive atrophy of skeletal muscles; also know as familial spinal muscle atrohy and floppy infant syndrome
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