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Bethel/Gen concepts

Basic Chapter Concepts in Genesis

God created all things good Genesis Chapter 1
The exercise of dominion in human hands Genesis Chapter 1
Divine intention Genesis Charpter 2
The fall Genesis Chapter 3
Brother's keeper Genesis Chapter 4
The flood Genesis Chapter 7
The Shem, Ham & Japheth incident Genesis Chapter 9
Tower of Babel Genesis Chapter 11
Blessed to be a blessing Genesis Chapter 12
Separation within families (Abram - Lot) Genesis Chapter 13
Hagar and Ishmael Genesis Chapter 16
Circumcision instituted Genesis Chapter 17
Moabite and Ammonite origin Genesis Chapter 19
Patriarch Isaac Genesis Chapter 21
Test of obedience Genesis Chapter 22
Deliberate ethnic separation (Isaac chooses Rebecca for wife) Genesis Chapter 24
Roots of Edom and Israel rivalry Genesis Chapter 25
Non-separation of Esau line Genesis Chapter 26
Deliberate ethnic separation (choice of Jacob's wife) Genesis Chapter 28
Origin of the twelve tribes Genesis Chapter 30
The Dinah-Hamor incident Genesis Chapter 34
Patriarchal line continues in Jacob Genesis Chapter 35
Separation within families (Esau-Jacob) Genesis Chapter 36
Joseph's administrative ability, a blessing Genesis Chapter 41
Joseph Preserves a remnant Genesis Chapter 45
Geographic separation in Goshen Genesis Chapter 47
Future courses of the twelve tribes Genesis Chapter 49
God can use evil for good Genesis Chapter 50
Text marker #1: Genesis 5 Geneology (Adam - Noah)
Text marker #2: Genesis 10 Geneology of Noah (Ham and Japheth)
Text marker #3: Genesis 15 Covenant Confirmed
Text marker #4: Genesis 20 "Sarah's my sister" just before Isaac's conception
Text marker #5: Genesis 25 Abraham dies/Line of Ishmael, continuation of Isaac's line
Text marker #6: Genesis 30 Jacob's wives compete for the most children (origin of 12 tribes)
Text marker #7: Genesis 35 Jacob returns to Bethel (Jacob's ladder) ...because Dinah was avenged
Text marker #8: Genesis 40 Joseph interprets dreams while in custody
Text marker #9: Genesis 45 Reunion: Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
Text marker #10: Genesis 50 Death of Jacob and Joseph
Created by: biblestudy
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