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Respiratory System E

Elements of the Respiratory System

aer- air
bronch/o bronchi/o Bronchial Tube
-cele hernia
-centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluids
chondr/o cartilage
-ectomy Removal Excision
-ectasis Expansion Dilation Widening
eu- Good Normal
-ia Condition
-ist Specialist
laryng/o Larynx Voicebox
-logist One who studies Specialist
macro- Large
-malacia Softening
melan- Black
micro- Small
mas/o Nose
neo- New
-oma Tumor
or/o Mouth
ortho/o Straight
-osis Condition (usually abnormal)
-pathy Disease
peri- Surrounding
-phagia Eating Swallowing
pharyng/o Throat
-phobia Fear
-plasia Development Formation
-plasty Surgical Repair
-plegia Paralysis
pleur- Pleura Rib Side
-pnea Breathing
pneum/o pneumon/o Lung Air Gas
rhin Nose
-rrhagia Bursting forth of blood
-rraphy Suture
-scope Instrument for visual exam
-scopy Visual examination
-spasm Sudden contraction of muscles
-stenosis Tightening Stricture
-therapy Treatment
thorac/o Chest
trache/o Windpipe Trachea
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