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Endo /Excto parasite

What are the 3 types of Helminths? -Nematodes -Tapeworms -Flukes
What are the 3 major classes of parasites? -Helminths -Arthropods -Protozoa
What is the medical name of the canine roundworm? Toxocara canis
Where do roundworms live? Small intestine
What are the 4 methods of transmission in the toxocara canis? Direct/ Transplacental /Transmammary /Predation of host
True or false. Fresh feces are not infected with toxocara canis. True
True or false. Roundworms travel via the portal bloodstream until they end up in the lungs. True
What is the average span of a lifecycle in the toxocara canis? 4-5 weeks
What are the 3 descriptions of a roundworm ova? -Rounded egg -Thick outer membrane -Dark center
Define distension. Extreme bloat of the abdomen.
What type of larval migrans can toxocara cause? -visceral -ocular -neural
What is the medical name of the hookworm? Ancylostoma caninum
Ancylostoma caninum is found in what percentage of dogs? 20%
What are the 4 methods of transmission in the Ancylostoma caninum? -Direct -Transplacental -Transmammary -Skin penetration
About how long does it take for the Ancylostoma caninum to grow and mature after digestion? 18-21 days
Female ancylostoma caninums can lay up to how many eggs per day? 30,000
What are the 3 stages of endoparasites? -Egg/ova -Hatchling -Larvae
What stage in the endoparasite is considered to be the infective stage? L3 or Larvae
What type of migration is involved with the ancylostoma caninum? Tracheal migration
What are the 3 descriptors of the ancylostoma caninum ova? -Thin outer membrane -Visible cytoplasm -Oval in shape
Infective ancylostoma caninum larvae can penetrate the skin causing what type of migran? Cutaneous larval migran
What is the medical name of the whipworm? Trichuris vulpis
How long is the prepatent period of the trichuris vulpis? 70-190 days
True or false. Flank suckling is a unique chacteristic of the trichuris vulpis. True
Trichuris vulpis eggs can live in the soil for up to how many years? 5 years
What is the medical name of an adult heartworm? Dirofilaria immitis
What is the vector of the Dirofilaria immitis? Mosquito
True or false. Heartworms are common in dogs, cats, ferrets, and some humans. True
Name the non-pathogenic pseudoheartworm. Dipetalonema reconditum
What are the 3 main physical differences between the dipetalonema reconditum and the dirofilaria immitis? Tail, head, and type of movement
Which side of the heart do heartworms usually live? Right (Atrium and Ventricle)
How long is the prepatent period of the dirofilaria immitis? 6 months
What is detected in a positive SNAP test? Adult female hormone
What is another name for class 4 of heartworm disease? Caval Syndrome
What is the medical name of the tapeworm species that does NOT require the flea as an immediate host? Taenia
What is the medical name of the flea tapeworm? Dipylidium caninum
What term describes the asexual process of forming segments? Strobilation
What is the intermediate host of the fluke? Snail
True or false. Taenia have larger proglottids than the dipylidium caninum. True
Name the lizard poisoning fluke of the cat. Platynosomum fastosum
Name the salmon poisoning fluke of the dog. Nanopyetus salmincola
Name the intestinal fluke of both dogs and cats. Alaria
Name the common liver fluke. Fasciola hepatica
How many eggs can a fluke produce in a mild infestation 25,000 per day
True or false. All coccidians are protozoas. True
Coccidians and protozoas typically live in what part of thebody? Small intestine
What is the least common type of protozoa? Sarcocystis
Coccidians form what instead of laying eggs? Oocysts
Name the type of parasite that's definitive host is the feline family and the conidition in humans it affects most? Toxoplasma- Pregnancy
Anaplasma is what type of parasite? Blood parasite
flagellated protozoan transmitted by drinking stagnant water/eating unwashed produce? Giardia
What are the 2 types of Parasitism ? Multiple Parasitism and Super parasitism
How many eggs per hours can a female flea lay? 1 Per/hr
3 things that determine the severity of clinical signs shown by a host # of parasites degree of damage Overall health of host
The condition caused by hookworms in humans and the location most commonly affected. Cutaneous larval migrans - Feet
Cestodes are the family name for what parasite? Tapeworm
4 effects seen with external parasites Puritis, dermatitis,alopecia, anemia,
What are you looking for in a fecal floatation? Ova
What are you looking for in a direct fecal smear? Motility/ Protozoa
5 type of symbiotic relationships Predator/prey- Phoresis- mutualism- commensalism- parasitism
Define: Parasitiasis Not showing clinical signs/symptoms of parasites
Define: Parasitosis Showing signs/symptoms of parasites
Def: Pre-patent period Infection to detection
Def: Incubation period Infection to clinic signs
Def: Infection Def: Infestation Within the body On the body
parasites may reproduce by ? Live young, eggs or division
What is the Difference in a biting and suck louse? Head size compared to thorax Biting: bigger Sucking: smaller
Def:Stenoxenous Def: Euryxenous Narrow host range Broad host range
Medical name for the common ear mite? Otodectes cynotis
"Red mange" is also known as? "Black mange" is also know as? Demodectic mange Sarcoptes Scabiei
Scabies found in felines? Hotoedres
Medical name for Walking Dandruff Cheyletetiella
what substance is combined with a direct smear? Saline
what substance is used with feces for a fecal float? Fecalsol
The most common flea seen in both k-9's Fel's? Ctenocephalides
Bot fly larva are called? Cuterebra
Def: Zoonotic Transmitted from animals to humans
How do you calculate total magnification? Ocular lens X objective lens
3 most common microscope lens? 4x scanning lens 10x 40x high dry
Symbiosis: Living together
Predator /prey: Short term relationship, one benefits at expense of the other
Phoresis: Mechanically carried
Mutualism: Both benefit
commesalism: 1 benefits the other doesn't benefit nor is harmed
Parasitism: 2 organism of diff ssp in which one lives on or in at the expense of the other.
Def: Parasite organism that lives on/in at the expense of the host.
definitive host: harbors adult , sexually mature stage
Intermediate Harbors juvenile, asexual stage
Def Nematode: All worms except tapeworms
What are the 2 forms of Mange of both Red and black mange? Localized and Generalized
Created by: brit_2112