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Glossary Case # 9

Hillcrest Transcription, Case # 9 The Lymphatic System

abdominal pertaining to the abdomen
Adrianycin antibiotic used only in chemotherapy (trade name)
amodrarone antiarrhythmic drug (generic)
energy panel a group of substances to which a patient's allergic susceptibility is tested
apex a general term used to designate the top of a body, organ or part
arrhythmia any variation from the normal rhythm of the heartbeat
arteriole a minute arterial branch
atraumatic not inflicting or causing damage or injury; not damaged or injured; without trauma
atropine generic drug used preoperatively as a muscle relaxer and to inhibit salivation and secretions; it has other uses, too
axilla armpit (pl. axilae)
bibasilar rales crackling sounds heard in the bases of both lungs
bronchomalacia degeneration of elastic and connective tissue of bronchi and trachea
bronchoscope instrument with which to examine the bronchi
bronchospasm spasmic contraction of the smooth muscle of the bronchi
cardiac pertaining to the heart
carina a ridglike structure
costophrenic pertaining to the ribs and diaphragm
cytology the study of cells
diabetes mellitus a metabolic disease due to an abnomality of insulin; diabetes is associated with muliple complications of various organs and systems
DLCO diffusing capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide
dorsalis pedis a term denoting a position closer to the back surface of the foot
Ecotrin nonsteroidal ani-inflammatory drug (trade name)
epigastric pertainig to the epigastrium
epigastrium the upper middle region of the abdomen
esopheal reflux a backward flow or regurgitation of stomach contests
FEV1 or FEV1 force expiratory volume in one second (part of the pulmonary function tests0
FVC force vital capacity (part of the pulmonary function tests0
gait the manner or style of walking
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
heaves a resiratory disturbance characterized by partially forced expiration
holosystolic murmur heart sound heard over the entire systole, or the period of contraction; also called pansystolic murmur
HTN hypertension
hypokinesis abnormally decreased mobility
IM intramuscularly; within the muscle(S)
ingrahilar below the hilum ( a depression or pit)
jugular venous referring to the jugular vein in the neck
Lasix trade name for a drug used as narcotic; pain medication
MUGA multiple gated acquisition (scan), a radiologic procedure
naris one of the openings of the nasal cavity; a nostril (pl. nares)
nebulized an atomizer; a device for throwing a spray
necrosis cell death
non-Hodgkin lymphoma a group of malignant lymphomas; a neoplasm arising from the lymphatics; the most common manifestation is the painless enlargement of one or more lymphs nodes
oximetry an instrument (oximeter)used to determin the oxygen saturation of arterial blood
Pepcid blocker drug to heal ulcers (trande name)
PFT, PFTs pulmonary function test or tests
pneumothorax an accumulation of air or gas in the pleural space, which is the serous membrane that surrounds the lungs and lines the thoracic cavity
PPD purified protein derivative (or tuberculin); skin test for tuberculosis
Propacet a pain medication (trade name)
RDW red (cell) distribution width (a laboratory term)
S/P status post; used to indicate the patient's condition after a procedure. e.g. status post appendectomy, status post chemotherapy, staus post MVA
sternal pertaining to the sternum
Tenormin drug used to treat angina and hypertension; also used for migraine headaches (trade name)
thrill a vibration sensation felt by the examiner on palpation of (feeling) the body; often a cardiac term
transbronchial referring to across the bonchus
Vasotec inhibitor drug used for hypertension (trade name)
Ventolin a drug used in asthma and other respiratory disease to reverse airway obstruction (trade name)
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