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Glossary, Case # 8

Hillcrest Transcription, Case # 8, Then Endocrine System

acute a disease or condition that has a short but relatively sever course
aerobic having nolecular oxygen present
anaerobic lacking molecular oxygen
bacteriostatic saline salt and water solution designed to inhibit the growth or multiplication of bacteria
beta streptococci often dictated "beta strep", this refers to organisms of the genus Streptococcus capable of hemolyzing (dissolving) the red blood cell membrane; identified on microbacterial culture media by the clear zone produced around the bacterial colony
calor heat
cellulitis inflammation of connective tissue
Charcot disease neuropathic arthropathy (a joint disease)
Cipro antibiotic (trade name)
cunciform shaped like a wedge; a bone in the ankle
debridement removal of foreign material, dead or contaminated tissue from and/or adjacent to a wound or infected lesion
defervesced a reduction of fever
digit a finger or toe
dorsal pertaining to the back
dorsalis a term denoting a position closer to the back surface
dorsalateral pertaining to the back and the side
dot and blot hemorrhages a pathologic condition; tiny, round hemorrhages in the retina usually associated with diabetes mellitus
DPM Doctor of Podiatic Medicine
edentulous without teeth
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
erythemtous characterized by erythema (redness of the sking)
eschar a slough (necrotic tissue) formed as a result of a burn, a corrosive application, or by gangrene
gallium a metal that has an unusually low melting point; it is a liquid at room temperature; symbol Ga
glycosylated having formed a linkage with a glycousyl (carbohidrate) group
hyperkeratotic excessive development or retention of keratin (protein of skin, hair, and nails)
I incision and drainage
macula a stain, spot, blemish, or thickening
medial pertaining to the middle or toward the midline of the body
metatarsal pertaining to the metatarsus (the part of the foot between the tarsus and the toes, particularly referring to the foot bones between the ankle and the toes)
mmHg millimeters of mercury
MRI magnetic resonance imaging (a radilogic procedure0
neovascularization new blood vessel formation in either abnormal tissue or in abnormal position
neuropathy disease of the peripheral nervous system
NKA (NKDA) no known allergies (no known drug allergies)
Nu Gauze products used in surgery adn for wound care (trade name)
osseus composed of or pertaining to the nature or quality of bone; bony
osteomyelitis inflammation of bone caused by pyogenic organism
plantar pertaining to the sole of the foot
retinopathy disease of the retina
sanguinopurulent containing both blood and pus
T tonsils and adenoids, or tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
tabes dorsalis a degeneration of the dorsal column of the spinal cord and of the sensory nerve trunks
tarsal pertaining to the instep; any of the seven bones of the tausus (ankle)
tendinous pertaining to a tendon
tie-over dressing a dressing placed over a skin graft and tied on by sutures that have been left long enough for that purpose
Trental a drug used to treat peripheral vascular disease (trade name)
tympanic pertaining to the tympanic membrane (eardrum)that separates the middle from the external ear; sometimes dictated TM
Unasyn antibiotic (trade name)
venous pertaining to a vein or veins
vitreous glasslike, pertains to the jellylike mass that fills the cavity of the eye
Wbril padding material used during surgery to protect the skin of the extremity under a tourniquet (trade name0
Xerflo gauze dressing (trade name)
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