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Assignment Sheet 5

CTTC - Challenging/Confusing words

Malleus (pl. mallei) pertaining to the outermost and largest of the three bones in the ear
Malleolus (pl. malleoli) pertaining to the bony prominences on either side of the ankle joint
Melena blood in the stool (melenic stools is a proper phrase)
Melanin dark brown to black pigment
Melanotic pertaining to the presence of melanin or dark pigment in the skin, hair, etc., and has nothing to do with stool
Metacarpal relating to the hand
Metatarsal relating to the foot between the instep and the toes
Mucus noun meaning the free slime of the mucous membrane
Mucous adjective meaning pertaining to or resembling mucus
Palpation to touch or feel, examine with the hand (s)
Palpitation rapid and/or irregular pulsations of the heart
Para prefix meaning beside, beyond
Peri prefix meaning around
Perineum genital area, perineal area (between anus and scrotum or vulva)
Peritoneum covering of viscera, lining of abdominopelvic wall
Peroneal pertaining to the fibula, lateral side of the leg, or to the tissues present there
Pleural referring to the pleural cavity
Plural meaning more than one
Postmortem performed or occurring after death
Postpartum occurring after childbirth, with reference to the mother
Prostate the male gland surrounding the urethra
Prostrate lying in a horizontal position
Proximal nearest, closer to any point of reference, a location
Approximate verb meaning to bring close together, as to approximate the edges of a wound
Approximately adverb meaning estimation
Created by: granna