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Assignment Sheet 6

CTTC - Challenging/Confusing words

Pruritis noun meaning an itchy skin condition
Purulent adjective meaning containing, consisting of, or forming pus
Radicle and anatomic word; radicles are the smallest branches
Retroperitoneal adverb meaning behind the peritoneum (a direction)
Reperitonealize verb meaning to cover again with peritoneum
Shoddy inferior good, hastily or poorly done
Shotty like shot, lead pellets used in shotguns
Sulfa pertaining to the sulfonamides, the sulfa drugs
Sulfur brimstone, an element, the symbol for which is S
Tendon noun meaning a band of connective tissue
Tendinous adjective meaning resembling a tendon
Tendonitis noun meaning inflammation of a tendon or tendon
Tympanites drumlike distention of the abdomen due to air or gas in the intestine or peritioneal cavity
Tympanitis inflammation of the middle ear
Ureter tube from kidney to bladder; there is a left and right ureter
Urethra tube carrying urine our of the body; one per person
Vagus noun meaning the tenth cranial nerve or vagus nerve
Valgus adjective meaning bent outward, twisted, deformed
Vesicle `little blister or sac
Vesical urinary bladder only
Villus (pl. villi) noun meaning little protrusion adjective meaning shaggy with with soft hairs
Villous adjective meaning shaggy with soft hairs
Xerosis dryness
Cirrhosis liver disease
Created by: granna