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Stover Chapter 19

Era of Exploration

The European leader in developing and applying 15th century sailing innovations Portugal
The chronological order in which European nations dominated the Indian Ocean trade Portugal, England and Netherlands, Netherlands
Hongwu was the first emperor of the ________ Dynasty Ming
The Portuguese explored the ________________ first west coast of Africa
China's Confucian beliefs and economic policies favored the growth of _____________ agriculture
The purpose of the Treaty of Tordesillas decrease conflicts over the claiming of new lands
Haiku is a type of _________ that originated in Japan poetry
The Tokugawa Shogunate ruled during a time of _____________ peace
The __________ established good trade relations with Japan, because they introduced the musket and cannon to them Portuguese
Kangxi and Qian-long were emperors of China's __________ Dynasty Qing
Vasco da Gama was the first to sail from Europe, around the tip of Africa to ___________ India
The long process of unifying Japan was completed in 1600 by Tokugawa Ieyasu
By the 1700's, the ________ East India Company dominated the Indian Ocean trade Dutch
In 1612, Tokugawa Ieyasu began a successful campaign to ride Japan of all _________ beliefs Christian
Attempted to expand China's tribute system by sponsoring voyages of exploration Yonglo
After the Crusades ended, two groups, the ____________ and __________ controlled the trade of goods from East to West Muslims and Italians
Bartolomeu Dias captained the first European ship to sail around the southern tip of _____ Africa
Unlike the British, the Dutch were able to win the favor of the _________ emperior by paying tribute and kowtowing Chinese
The Qing were unpopular at first because they were _____________ foreign conquerors
The Chinese people accepted the Qing because they kept ________________ and they brought ___________ Chinese traditions, prosperity
Under the closed country policy in Japan, trade was conducted at only one __________ port
The closed country policy was instituted to stop _________________ influences in Japan Christian
Three things which increased in China during the 166 and 1700's production of rice, population, family size
The chronological order of the peoples who dominated China between the 1300s and 1700s was _____________, ______________, ________ Mongols, Chinese, Manchus
China's Forbidden City reflected the nation's ___________, the wealth of the ____________, and the distinction between ___________ isolationish, emperor, social classes
The major barrior to establishing centralized government in Japan were the __________ daimyo
In the 1700s, Korea was a vassal state of __________ China
Kabuki is a type of _____________ that originated in Japan theatre
China's Ming Dynasty was founded by the _______ Chinese
The first emperor of China's Qing Dynasty Kangxi
The first Europeans to land on Japanese soil were ____________ sailors Dutch
The military government in Japan during the 1600s Tokugawa Shogunate
Under Japan's system of feudalism, the _______ functioned most similarly to lords in European feudalism daimyo
Tokugawa Ieyasu used the "alternate attendance policy" to keep the _____________ from rebelling daimyo
Chinese emperor who moved the capital to Beijing and built the Forbidden City palace Yonglo
The Treaty of Tordesillas divided new lands discovered east and west of a vertical line in the Atlantic Ocean between ______________ and ____________ Spain, Portugal
Chinese explorer who led seven voyages of exploration Zheng He
What was the motivation for European exploration? God, Glory, Gold
What was the motivation for Chinese exploration? tribute
The Chinese restricted trade because they were worried Europeans would try to ________ and ____________ them conquer, Christianize
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