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AP World His. chptr1

Before History

Venus Figurines small paleolithic statues of women with exxagerated sexual features.
Pastoral Nomads Raising herds and moving frequently with them; no permanent home.
Hunter gatherers Collect food; Hunt animals.
Sedentary Agriculturalists People that grow their own food without gathering them; Do not migrate frequently.
Sympathetic Magic Magic based on the belief that somebody or something can be supernaturally affected by something done to an object representing the person or thing.
Altamaria Cave paintings in Spain.
Jericho Earliest known neolithic villiage.
Catal Huyuk Important neolithic settlememnt in Anatolia
Lascaux Complex set of paleolithic cave paintings in France.
Cro-Magnon "Homo sapiens sapiens."People who appeared fourty thousand years ago and who displayed a noticeable interest in fashion and artistic production. First human beings of the modern type.
Homo sapiens "Conciously thinking human" used sophisticated tools
Neanderthal People who flourished in Europe from one hundred thousand to thirty five thousand years ago who preformed deliberate burials accompanied by ritual observances.
Homo erectus "Upright-walking human" Homonid that used cleavers, and hand axes and learned how to control fire.
Prehistory The preiod before the invention of writing.
Agricultural revolution Time period of experimenting with farming crops opposed to hunting and gathering.
Neolithic era New stone age; discovery and mastery of agriculture.
Paleolithic era Old stone age; long period of human development before invention of agriculture.
What specifically seperates early neolithic lifestyles from paleolithic lifestyles? The use of plants.
What was the chief reason that people settled in agricultural communities? They wanted to be assured of a more regular food source.
With regard to the origin of specific agricultural practices it can be said that agriculture ..what? occured independently in different regions throughout the world.
While the earliest development of agriculture occured in the middle east it was not long before it also appeared .. where? Eastern Africa
Although most neolithic peoples domesticated animals for food and clothing, one region never developed a tradition of herding. Which region was this? North america
What made pottery the earliest craft associated with the Neolithic period? Pots could be artistic as well as functional.
It is presumed by historians that women played a catalyst role in specific areas of Neolithic life. The two areas are... Agriculture, and textiles.
The first evidence of social stratification appears where? In house sites and graves.
Which metal was the earliest to be successfully mined and fashioned into tools? copper.
The most successful Neolithic farming communities began to increase their trade and subsequently... what? attract more people.
Which of the following most acurately describes the development of professions? Nomads began to farm and settle into communities. Professions developed as the community could release some members from farm labor.
An important issue that is debated by historians relates to cultural borrowing or independent origin. In what area of diffusion is the most likely process? A specific crop found in two places.
The interaction between people and environment led to similar adoptions of housing,clothing,and agriculture, but what area of neolithic society would be least effected by the natural world? Child bearing
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