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Chapter 16 SS

2011 the political development of imperial china

A large bureaucracy was developed in which Dynasty? The Han Dynasty. People would take civil service exams to prove they were qualified for government jobs.
What were civil service exams? Tests to prove appliers' knowledge of Confucious, Chinese classics, poetry, and legal and administrative issues.
Why did the Han Dynasty fail? The bureaucracy became filled with corrupt workers and relatives of the emperor.
Which Dynasty selected wealthy landowners for most high-level jobs? The Tang Dynasty, which led to an aristocracy.
What is an aristocracy? A government ruled by wealthy landowners.
During the Song Dynasty, which type of government official reached it's height? The scholar-officials.
During the Song Dynasty, what were the lower classes also allowed to do? The lower classes were also allowed to take civil service exams to become government workers.
A meritocracy, government controlled by officials chosen for their merit or skill, was created during which Dynasty? Government controlled by officials chosen for their merit or skill was created during the Song Dynasty.
The Mongols conquered China during what Dynasty? The Mongols conquered China during the Yuan Dynasty.
Who became the first Mongol emperor of China? Kublai Khan became the first Mongol emperor of China.
What did Kublai Khan end the use of? Kublai Khan ended the use of civil service exams.
Kublai Khan chose Mongols he knew he could trust as government officials. What were he and other succeeding emperors forced to use for different government jobs? Kublai Khan and other succeeding emperors were forced to use trusted foreigners (even Europeans) when they ran out of trusted Mongols.
During which dynasty was the use of civil service exams revived? During the Ming Dynasty the use of civil service exams was revived.
Why did the Tang Dynasty fall apart? The Tang Dynasty fell apart because of peasant rebellions and battles between generals.
Why did the Song Dynasty fall apart? The Song Dynasty fell apart because the Mongols conquered almost all of Asia.
Why did the Yuan(Mongol) Dynasty fall apart? The Yuan/Mongol Dynasty fell apart because Mongol leaders were fighting, officials went corrupt, and native Chinese enemies rebelled.
Why did the Ming Dynasty fall apart? The Ming Dynasty fell apart because the civil service exams did not test understanding of science, mathematics, or engineering, so people with such knowledge were kept out of the government. Confucian scholars little respected merchants, business,&trade.
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