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Old Testament WW

How long was the Old Testament in the process of being written? one thousand years
What are the original languages of the the Old Testament? Hebrew and Arabic
What is the "Septuagint"? Greek translation of the Old Testament
What is the "Vulgate"? Updated Latin version of the Old Testament by Jerome (late 300's AD)
What was the most frequently employed material used in the writing on the Old Testament? Vellum (animal skins)
Who were the Masoretes? They copied the text of the Bible
Who was William Tindale? The true father of the English Bible; used the original language to translate instead of Latin;
Elohim God (plural)
Bara Hebrew; only used when God "created from nothing"
Creatio ex nihilo Latin for "created from thing"
What are the four main incidents of Genesis 1 through 11 that are found in the Bible? Creation, the fall, the flood, man's new beginning
What made man (Adam) different from all the other animals created? He was created in the image of God; had dominion over animals
In what form did Satan tempt Adam and Eve? Serpant
How does Enuma Elish relate to the Creation account in Genesis?
How were humans to gain ultimate victory over the Fall? "through the woman's seed"
To what incident in Genesis does the Gilgamesh Epic relate? the flood
What may have been the sin of Ham? responding in disrespect to Noah's drunkenness
How might the ziggurats relate to the Tower of Babble? The people may have been building these temples with the Tower of Babble in mind
What were the Masoretes most noted for? the insertion of of vowel symbols in the text as an aid in reading
Yom Hebrew word for "day"; used nearly 1700 times in OT and has up to 50 meanings
How much time was covered during this period of beginnings indicated in the Bible? we don't know. It's not in scripture
What was "Noah" called in the Epic of Gilgamesh? Utnapishtim
How are the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Flood story in the Bible similar? There was warning of the flood, ark was built, flood comes, ark settles on the mountain, three birds sent out, both Noah and Utnapishtim offer sacrifices when they leave the ark.
How are the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Flood story in the Bible different? there were gods "crouch like dogs" and "swarm like flies" they cant agree with each other; there is polytheism; the names of the men and the mountain are different
What is the Via Maris?
What do the names Canaan and Phoenician have in common? They have the same cultural, geographical, and historical origin.
From where does the name Palestine come from? the word 'Philisitia'
About how large was ancient Palestine, excluding the area east of the Jordan River? 6,000 square miles (an extra 4,000 if the area east of the Jordan is included)
What is the name of the main river and the other bodies of water in Palestine? Jordan River, Lake Huleh, the Sea of Galilee (a.k.a the Sea of Chinnereth in OT times), the Dead Sea
What is known as the 'Ghor''? 4,000 mile long fissure from Palestine to
Sarah Abraham's wife; called her Sister so that Pharaoh did not kill Abraham
Hagar Sarah's handmaiden and Ishmael's mother
Lot Abrahams nephew and 'son'
Melchizedek Priest that met Abraham; it is't known if this priest was a real human or Jesus; Abraham gave 10% of all he had to this priest.
Eliezer Abrahams servant that he almost adopted as his son
Machpelah The Cave where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all their wives are buried.
Ephron The Hittite who sold Abraham the burial cave
Isaac Abrahams son & fulfillment of God's promise of a son to Abraham; Rebekah's husband; Father of Jacob & Esau; Favored Esau; (obscure in OT because many experiences like father?); farmed in Gerar & had plentiful harvest which made Philistines mad
Rebekah Isaac's wife; Favored Jacob
Jacob Isaac's son, who received the birthright
Esau Isaac's son who gave up his birthright
Laban Jacob's uncle who Jacob worked for to marry his daughters
teraphim household gods that also give the possessor access to the family inheritance
What is levirate marriage? when the oldest brother COULD marry a widowed sister-in-law
*How much time elapsed between Joseph's death and the Exodus? a few centuries
How much space is given in the Bible to the Exodus? four fifths of the Pentateuch and one sixth of the entire Old Testament
Hyksos Semites who invaded Egypt & ruled Lower Egypt for 150 years (1700- 1550). Name means "shepherd kings"; brought to Egypt horse & chariot, improved armor; revetments (dry moat) terre pisee (sloped hill) (a defense against battering ram) & the composite bow
Ahmose The Pharoah who drove out the Hyksos
Hatshepsut Queen married to Thut-Mose III who took full control of Egypt and was recognized as ruler. Built a white limestone mortuary and tow obelisks.
*Amarna Letters may have had the word "habiru" = Hebrew?
Dream Stele Depicts Amenhotep II and his son Thutmose IV. Thutmose had a revelation in which he was to become the next pharaoh. He was surprised which indicates that he may not have been the oldest son (older brother killed in 10th plague?)
Why did Egypt have so many god's? The Egyptians basically had a god for everything that happened to them.
When Moses had to flee Egypt, to where did he go? Midian
What was God's purpose in the 10 plagues? To show Pharaoh how powerful the God of the Israelites was
What incident is considered the greatest event in OT times? The Exodus
*Why did the Israelites avoid the shortest route to Palestine (Via Mans) and go into the Sini Peninsula? They had a military advantage and this provided time for them to become more organized
What natural phenomenon did God use to part the Red Sea? A strong east wind
What food did God miraculously provide for the people? Manna ("What is it?") and quail
How long of a period of time were the Israelites camped at Mt. Sini? A year
OT divisions
OT languages Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, English
What was the Greek version of the OT called? The Septuagint
What was the Latin version of the OT called? The Vulgate
Who translated the Bible from the original language to English? William Tyndale
"Woman's seed"
Nephesh hayah
Sumerian King List A list of eight kings who's lengths of reigns are said to have lasted from a low of 18,600 years to a high of 43,200 years. All ruled before the flood. Shows that b4 the flood people lived longer.
Ham's sin
Gilgamesh Epic
Utnapishtim "Noah" in the Gilgamesh Epic
Via Maris
Fertile Crecent
Akkadians The people who conquered the Sumerians
primeogeniture the first born
Sargon* King of the Akkadians
Nuzi Tablets show the culture of Northern Mesopotamia (the culture also included the Patriarchs)
Menes King of Egypt that united two kingdoms of Egypt (Lived in 3000 BC)
Pyramids Came from the Old Kingdom; showed the advanced culture of these people
Beni Hassan
Nanar Moon god
"Children of Heth"
Ishmael Son of Abraham by Hagar, not the promised son that God was referring to
Leah 1st wife of Jacob, not the one he had been working for (worked 7 years)
Rachel 2nd wife of Jacob, the wife Jacob worked and extra 7 years for
Levirate custom
Zipporah Moses' wife that he married in Midion
Aaron Moses brother
Miram Moses sister
Midian Moses father-in-law for whom he tended sheep
Manna & Quail
What does Phoenician mean? comed from the Greek word for purple
What Lake done not exist any more? Lake Huleh
What is another name for the Sea of Galilee? Kennerit meaning "harp" (It is shaped like a heart)
What is another name for the Dead Sea? Yom Hamelek meaning "Salt Sea"
What is another name for the Jordan River? "Descender"
What is known as the 'Shephelah'? the lowlands; good for defense; had cities of Lachish, Debir, and Libnah
Who moved from Gerar to Beersheba because the Philistines were mad at him? Isaac
Hammurabi Code A monument that is a boundary stone about eight feet high. It is a law that is similar to the Law in the Bible but MUCH more harsh, listing the punishment after the law
In what way was Israel's religion a "revealed religion"? Israel knew of God's promise to Abraham Isaac and Jacob but they had not experienced it first hand, but God revealed Himself to them at Mount Sini.
What is the meaning of the word "Decalogue"? The Ten Commandments
What caused Moses to destroy the first copy of the law? The people were worshiping a calf god they had made.
Prior to Mosaic times who made the sacrificial offerings? The head of the household
Why did God want all the first-born to belong to Him? Because they escaped death in Egypt.
What was the responsibility of the Levites and the priests? Primary: to mediate between God and man. They offered sacrifices for the people; discerned God's will; they instructed the common people; cared for the temple.
What was the purpose of the scapegoat on the Day of Atonement? To take away the sins of the people into the desert.
What type of worship center did the Hebrews have? Tabernacle
What is the meaning of "goel"?
What four offerings included blood shed? The burnt offering, peace offering, sin offering, and guilt offering
What animals were acceptable for offerings? Clean and tame whose flesh could be eaten; sheep, goats, or oxen, male of female; old or young
Burnt Offering the entire sacrifice was consumed at the alter this signified the offerers consecration to God
Peace or Fellowship Offering voluntary offering; this offering is the only one that the offerer could eat of and this represented communion between man and God. Any animal was acceptable except a bird.
How many types of Peace Offerings were there? Three
What was a thank (praise) offering? When the offerer received and unexpected or unmerited blessing.
What is a votive offering? Offering made in payment of a vow
What is a freewill offering? Offering made just because they loved God
What is the Sin Offering? Offering for sins of ignorance; had a different animal for the different "classes" of people. Not allowed to be eaten but the offerer. The whole offering was burned except a portion for the priest (from the layman or rulers offering).
What else was included in the Sin Offering? Specific sins like idol swearing, refusal to testify, and ceremonial defilement.
What is a Trespass (Guilt Offering? A sacrifice of a ram and six fifths were the restitution for forgetting a tithe or other required offerings
What is a Grain Offering? This did not require the blood of an animal but represents the fruits of man's labor. This had nothing to do with the forgiveness of a sin but dedicated the labor to God.
Sabbath This day was to remind the Israelites that God rested on the seventh day of creation. It also reminded of God bring them our of Egypt.
New Moon Feast Trumpets officially began a new month. Also began by offering burnt and sin offerings.
What was the climax of the religious year? The seventh month
What was the New Moon Feast called on the first day of the seventh month? The Feast of Trumpets
Sabbatical year Applied to the Israelites when the entered Canaan. This year they let the fields rest and shared among themselves whatever was grown. Debts of the poor were canceled for the six preceding years. Slaves were freed this year. The law was read in public.
Year of Jubilee Family inheritances were restored to those who had lost them, the land was not cultivated, and Hebrew slaves were set free.
Passover First observed in Egypt when Israel was excluded from the death of the first born.
What was the beginning of the religious year? The month of Nisan
What was the purpose of the Passover? to remind remind Israel of God's miraculous intervention on their behalf. It also marked the beginning of the religious year.
What was the most significant feast in Israel? The Passover
What was the Feast of Weeks? Took place fifty days after the Passover. Only observed for a day. The Israelites left the gleanings of the field for the poor so as not to forget about them.
What is the Feast of Tabernacles? The last festival of the year. Celebrated for a week and helped to remind them of their "adventure" in the wilderness because during this time they had to live in a tent.
What is the Day of Atonement? Fasting on the tenth day of Tishri. The purpose of this day was to make atonement. To make propitiation for Aaron and his house and the Tabernacle. He sanctified the inner sanctuary
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