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VW Temp Regulation

IS-B1-Temperature Regulation

Heat input + heat production > heat output, then _ in body temp occurs. Increase
Which fluctuates more - skin temperature or core temperature? Skin temperature
Between what two measures of ambient temperature can the body maintain core temperature homeostasis? 55 F and 130 F
What is the range for normal temperature in most people? 97 to 99.5
Above 101 F is only found in situations like what? Fever or Hard Exercise
Normal regulation of temperature inside the body can occur between what temperatures? 95 F and 105F
Name the 2 main types of temperature receptors. Hypothalamus and Skin
True or False - Hypothalamus has a greater number of heat sensitive neurons than cold sensitive neurons. True
True or False - The Skin has a greater number of cold sensory receptors than heat sensory receptors. True
What is considered the temperature regulation center of the brain? Hypothalamus
Name 4 ways the body can adjust to regulate the core temperature of the body. 1) sweating 2) vasodilation/vasoconstriction 3) physical activity/metabolism (hormones) 4) behavioral responses (clothing, shelter)
How does the body manipulate the vasculature to increase or decrease heat loss? Vasoconstriction (decrease heat loss) Vasodilation (increase heat loss)
When there is a decrease in body temperature, the sympathetics in skin stimulate blood vessels via norepinephrine which causes what? Reflex vasoconstriction
When there is an increase in body temperature, the sympathetic stimulation to the sweat glands increases which releases acetylcholine and some other unknown factor which results in what? Vasodilation of skin vessels
What is the set point temperature? 37.1 degrees Celsius
If the core temperature is greater that the set point, how does the hypothalamus respond? 1) decreased muscle activity and chemical heat production 2) decreases adrenergic sympathetic stimulation -increase cutaneous vasodilation 3) increase sweating
True or false - the temperature of the skin has no bearing on the response of the hypothalamus when interpreting temperature. False - skin alters strength of the response.
If the core temperature is lower than the set point, how does the hypothalamus respond? 1) increases muscle activity and chemical heat production 2) increases adrenergic sympathetic stimulation which causes reflex vasoconstriction 3) decreases sweating
When exogenous pyrogens (infections) or endogenous pyrogens (cytokines) increase, they influence prostaglandins to increase what? What does this cause? The set point. A fever
Heat stroke occurs when the temperature rises above _ degrees F. 105
What is a common side effect of heat stroke? decreased brain perfusion
What can occur in the case of severe hypothermia? Ventricular Fibrillation.
Created by: cherubicsiren