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Honors Health Sep.

Health Class September 2011

Lifestyle Diseases Diseases caused partly by unhealthy behaviors and partly by other factors
Sedentary Not taking part in physical activity.
Wellness The achievement of a persons best in all six components of health.
Healt Literacy Knowledge of health information needed to make good choices about yourself.
Advocate To speak or argue in favor of something.
What are the 6 critical health risk factors? Alcohol and Drug use injury and violence due to behavior Tobacco use nutrition physical activity sexual risk behaviors. Sedentary Lifestyles
What is the number one preventable cause of death? tobacco
What is the number one cause of death in teens? alcohol while driving.
What are the three most common lifestyle diseases heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers.
What are the controllable risk factors? (5) Exercise habits, eating habits, smoking, tanning, alcohol.
What are the uncontrollable risk factors? (4) Age, Gender, Race, Heredity
What are the leading causes of death in teens? (4) Motor vehicle accidents, Homicide, suicide, other accidents.
What is the leading cause of death in adults? Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke
What are the components of health? (6) Physical Health, Emotional Health, Social Health, Mental Health, Environmental Health, Spiritual Health
Physical Health Condition or way your body functions
Spiritual Health religion, beliefs
Environmental health How your environment affects you
Mental health Knowing reality and coping with daily life.
Emotional health Releasing emotions in a non destructive positive way.
Social Health quality of relationships with other people.
What is the most significant factor in whether one achieves wellness? Individual choice.
Created by: DressageIsMagic