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Julie Billiart Quest

Chapter 1 Religion

Oh! How good is the good God?!French Ah! Qu'ilest bon, le bon Dieu!?
Oh! How good is the good God?!Spanish !?Que bueno es el buen Dios!?
Julie Billiart Family Background her father was a silk maker
Julie's Jobs Julie helped out around her father's silk making shop
sunflower quote as the sunflower follows the sun so should we follow God.
When Julie's family buisness was robbed.. Julie went to town, sold what was left of their goods, and got a job working in the fields
After the attempted murder of her father Julie.. became very sick and their idea of treatment was draining her "bad" blood which caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down
When the mob was coming after Julie Some of her friends hid her in a covered wagon under some hay and took her out of town to a safe place.
During the years of living in danger, hiding in the houses of those who would give her shelter, Julie had a vision.. of a cross and women praying around it
Julie's friend Francoise Blin do Bourdon was.. very wealthy and willing to help with Julie's cause
Julie and Francoise co-founded the.. Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
Julie and Francoise opened.. schools
Julie's paralysis was healed when.. the pastor asked Julie to pray for his special intention, and when she had done it for his requested time, she asked what it was, and he told her to walk, and she could!!
How many continents are the Sisters of Notre Dame working in? 5
What are 5 countries the Sisters of Notre Dame are working in? USA, Italy, Congo, Mexico, South Africa
How many Sisters of Notre Dame are there today? 2,000
In total, how many Sisters of Notre Dame have there been? more than 10,000
what is on the back of the cross? Oh! how good is the good God!? Written in French
Who was the Archbishop of Cincinnati in 1840 Purcell
What was the problem Archbishop Purcell saw in Cincinnati? there were too many poor catholic immigrant children and not enough schools
What was Archbishop Purcell's sollution to the lack of schools problem? he sent a letter to the SNDs asking them to come start schools in Cincinnati?
How long did it take the Sisters to get to America from France? 3 months
What part of downtown was the first ND school? 6th street (currently P&G)
at the time downtown city was a meatgrinding plant. what was the nickname? porkopolis
Where was the "land in the country" that the sisters moved their school to? The sisters moved the school from porkopolis to reading
Why was the name changed from Notre Dame to Mount Notre Dame? the name was changed because the new location was at the top of a large hill and walking to school felt like a mountain (Columbia)
When MND first started it was a boarding school for girls of what ages? 4-18
What Civil War general had daughters at MND? General Sherman & he often visited
Why was MND changed to a high school? because the war was long over and the area needed local schools and not as many people sent their children to boarding schools
Why did we build a new school in 1965? the school was very old and unsafe
What year was the healthcare center built? added to? 1965. 1990s
The only part of the origional building is the grotto
why was the grotto built? the workers had prayed and told mary that if no one was hurt theyd build a grotto in honor of her
what anniversary did MND just celebrate? 150
Where was Sr. Dorothy Stang Born? Dayton, Ohio 1931
Dorothy's Family large and catholic
Why did Dorothy transfer to MND her senior year? she decided she wanted to be a Sister of Notre Dame
What was always Sr. Dorothy's wish? to become a missionary
where was the first place Sr. Dorothy went and what did she do? Sr. Dorothy worked in Pheonix, Arizona for 13 years helping out migrant farmers.
How long did Sr. Dorothy work in the Amazon? 30 years
Where is the Amazon? Brazil
What did Sr. Dorothy teach small villages? she taught them about God and caring for the environment with "sustainable farming"
How did Sr. Dorothy live? she lived among and equal to the poor, in a hut w no running water
Who came and cut down trees of the Amazon Forest and burned the villages? Ranchers and loggers
Why did the illegal loggers and ranchers fear Dorothy to the point they hired gunmen to her death? because she demanded help from the police and the government of Brazil
When was Sr. Dorothy assassinated? Februrary 12, 2005
How old was Sr. Dorothy when she was martyred? 74
Where is Sr. Dorothy burried? Brazil
Why was there so much publicity of Sr. Dorothy's Death? because she was an American Citizen and a Sister
Where are the hitmen now? jail.
what has Dorothy's death and life made the world do look at social justice, call us to stand with the poor and work to build a more just world.
Created by: asb102296
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