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Chapters 1 - 3

Medical Language

Intra - Within
Endo - Within
- Ptosis Drooping / Sagging
- Trophy Growth / Development
- Plasia Growth / Development
- Plasm Growth / Development
Peri - Out
- Lysis Break up / Destruction
- Lytic Break up / Destruction
- Ory Pertaining to
- Ous Pertaining to
- Ual Pertaining to
Tachy - Fast
Cis/o Cutting
- Pia Vision
- Ule Small
- Ole Small
- Icle Small
- Ula Small
- Iatry Treatment
- Rrhaphy Suturing
- Oma Tumor / Mass
- Rrhexis Rupture
- Al Pertaining to
- Ar Pertaining to
- Ary Pertaining to
Contra - Against
Pleg/o Paralyis
Para - Live or viable birth
Inter - Between
- Ion Process
- Y Condition
Circum - Around
- Stenosis Narrowing
- Ia Condition
- Eal Pertaining to
- Ia Condition
- Ism Condition
- Penia Deficiency
Acro/o Heights
Carcin/o Cancerous
- Pnea Breathing
Vascul/o Vessel
Later/o Side
Supra - Above
Epi - Above
- Scope Usually lighted instrument
Colon/o Colon
Glyc/o Sugar
Derm/o Skin
A - No
- Emia Blood
Retro - Behind
Arteri/o Artery
Lip/o Fat
Cyt/o Cell
Prandi/o Meals
Nas/o Nose
Hyper - Excessive
Pelvi/o Pelvis
- Ic Pertaining to
- Ac Pertaining to
- Tic Pertaining to
Bi - LIfe
- Metry Process of measuring
- Meter Instrument used to measure
- Hypo Under / deficiency the skin
- Graphy The process of recording
- Graph Machine used to record
Therm/o Heat
Phob/o Fear
Micro - Small
Anti - Against
Trans - Across or through
- Uria Urination
- Logy The study of
- Ist A person in the study of
- Al Pertaining to
- Gram Record
Echo - Sound / repitition
Cyt/o Cell
Arthr/o Joint
- Cele Herniation
Brandy - Slow
- Genic Creation
- Rrhea Flow
Sub - Under / below
Diplo - Double
Dys - Painful / difficult
Semi - Pertaining to half a circle
Poly - Excessive
- Centesis Surgical Puncture
- Tomy Surgical Incision
Post - After
- Spasm Involuntary muscle contraction
Lith/o Stone
Nat/o Birth
Ren/o Kidney
Gastr/o Stomach
- Scopy The process of using a usually lighted instrument
Phag/o Swallowing
Excision Surgical Removal
- Emesis Vomiting blood
Angi/o Vessel
Electro - Electrical Activity
Nerv/o Nerve
Phas/o Speech
Lapar/o Abdomen
Bi/o Life
Thorac/o Thorax / Chest
Herni/o Hernia
Path/o Disease
Thrombo - Clot
Leuko - White
Esthesi/o Feeling or nervous sensation
Card/o Heart/ pulse
Oste/o Bone
Blephar/o Eyelid
Thyr/o Thyroid
Tox/o Toxic
Mast/o Breast
Append/o Appendix
Hepa/o Liver
Splen/o Spleen
Hemi- Half (side) the body
Quadri - Four extremities
- Algia Pain
- Dynia Pain
- Pexy Surgical Fixtation
Cept/o Conception
- Rrage Rapid flow
- Rrhagia Rapid flow
- Osis Abnormal Condition
- Iasis Abnormal Condition
- Ostomy New or artifical opening
- Ectomy Surgical Removal
- Tome Cutting instrument
- Plasty Surgical repai
- Oid Resembling
Men/o Menstrual
Cephal/o The head
- Tripsy Crushing
- Megaly Enlargement
Cardi/o Heart
Phleb/o Vein
- Itis Inflammation
Pre - Before
Vas/o Vessel
Oste/o Bone
Neo - New
Nephro - Kidneys
- Cide Kill
Rhin/o Nose
Cutaneous Pertaining to skin
- Ism Condition
Cell The basic unit of life
Tissue Groups of cells that perform specific tasks
Organ Groups of tissue that perform special body actions
System Groups of organs that work together to perform complex body functions
Cranial Cavity Skull, contains the brain
Spinal Cavity Contains the spinal cord
Thoracic Cavity Contains heart, lungs, esophagus, and trachea
Abdominal Cavity Contains stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and uterus
Pelvic Cavity Urinary bladder, reproductive organs, parts of large intestine, rectum
Amyl/o Starch
Amylase Starch enzyme
My/o Muscle
Myocardial Pertaining to heart muscle
Sarc/o Flesh
Sarcoma A mass or tumor of the flesh
Onc/o Tumor or mass
Oncologist A specialist in the study of tumors / masses
Somat/o Body
Psychosomatic Pertaining to mind over the body
Cyan/o Blue
Cyanosis Abnormal condition of blue
Erythr/o Red
Erythrocyte Red Cell
Erythema Red skin cell
Albinism Condition of white skin
Melan/o Black
Melanoma Black tumor or mass
Jaund/o Yellow
Cirrh/o Yellow
Xanth/o Yellow
Infer/o Below
Anter/o Front
Ventr/o Front
Poster/o Back / behind
Dors/o Back / behind
Proxim/o Beginning
Med/i Middle
Later/o Side
Anteroposterior (AP) Front to back
Posteroanterior (PA) Back to front
Mediolateral Pertaining to middle to side
Supine Lying on your backside
Prone Lying on your front side
Hypochondriac Superior right and left regions of the abdomen
Lumbar Medial right and left regions of the abdomen
Inguinal / Iliac Inferior right nad left regions of the abdomen
Epigastric Superior medial of the abdomen
Umblicial / Umbilicas Medial region of the abdomen
Hypogastric Inferior medial region of the abdomen
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