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Unit 1 Geography

AP Human Geography

The total number of people divided by the total land area. Arithmetic Density
The cell phone was developed in the United States, but its mass appeal has caused it to _________ world-wide, where many families in less developed nations have never had a house phone but they have purchased a cell phone. Diffuse
The arrangement of something across the Earth’s surface. Distribution
Computer system that analyzes and compares geographic information by making it possible to layer maps of differt information to see patterns. Geographic Information Systems
___________ in cars help you find your destination by pinpointing your exact location on the earth through satellites then explaining the best way to get from that place to the next. Global Positioning System
The Land Ordinance of 1785 split much of the Western United States into square parcels of land to easily sell these plots to settlers, the geometric arrangements shows a ____________ of settlement that is still visible today. Pattern
The total number of people divided by land that is able to be farmed. Physiological Density
Satellites used in _________ help to track and monitor changes that occur on the surface of the earth, such as weather phenomenon. Remote Sensing
Mexico City is a great example of ___________ because the modern skyscrappers of today are built over top of Aztec Ruins. Sequent Occupance
Describing a location by using the physical features of that area. Site
Describing a location by using its proximity to other locations. Situation
Phenomenon that explains how our world seems smaller because it is easier to travel from one place to another as a result of technology Space Time Compression
The name given to a place on the Earth. Toponym
When objects are found close together Clustered
When objects are found far away from each other. Dispersed
Phenomenon that explains how the farther a person gets from the hearth of their culture the less likely they are to stay in touch with its beliefs. Distance Decay
Phenomenon that explains how the farther someone is from something else, the less likely they will interact because of the cost and time it takes to do so. Friction of Distance
The process of converting the 3D earth onto a flat map. Projection
The physical impression people leave on the earth such as buildings, bridges, monuments, etc. Cultural Landscape
Describing a places location using longitude and latitude measurements Absolute Location
Measured by the ease at which it is to reach other places from another. Accessibility
Science of map making Cartography
Overcoming their cultural and physical barriers, Iraq and Iran have increased their ____________ through new active trading. Connectivity
YouTube videos often spread through ___________ since they can go from 1 hit to millions within days. Contagious Diffusion
Theory that states that our culture and lifestyle is dictated by our physical environment. Environmental Determinism
The spread of an idea or feature from one place to another where it becomes more and more popular overtime, like a snowball rolling down a hill. Expansion Diffusion
The United States of America is considered a ___________ because everyone lives within set boundaries demarking it from other areas. Formal Region
The Sun New's ___________ is the grand strand because the closer you get to Charleston, the more likely people will read the Charleston Gazette instead. Functional Region
The process by which something local becomes a global phenomenon. Globalization
The location where something originates. Hearth
Books that are apart of Oprah Winfrey's Book Club spread through __________ since Oprah reads the book first, then others read it because of her respected recommendation. Hierarchical Diffusion
Airports are a great example of a _________ because no one airport is the beginning, each has its own set places it serves, connecting to the bigger system of travel. Networks
The ability of people in Iceland to grow bananas in geothermal greenhouses is an example of __________. Possibilism
The ____________ of my house is 1 mile East of North Myrtle Beach High School. Relative Location
The movement of something from one place to another through the physical migration of people. Relocation Diffusion
The relationship between an object on the earth and its representation on a map. Scale
The gap between objects Space
As a result of ___________, the same monotheistic God spread into the Islamic faith, but other aspects of Judaism and Christianity were not adopted. Stimulus Diffusion
The South of the US is an example of a ___________ because it is based on a cultural identity that does not have a clear demarcation Vernacular Region
Created by: ahowe
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