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Stover Chapter 18

Muslim World

System designed to turn Christian boys into Islamic soldiers devshirme
The main enemy of the Safavids Ottomans
Isfahan was the capital city of Persia
The decline of the Ottoman Empire was brought on by ________ sultans. ignorant
The ghazis helped build the ____________ Empire. Ottoman
Timur's military conquests ___________ the growth of the Ottoman Empire. interrupted
He was from Central Asia. Timur
He was known as "The Conquerer." Mehmet
He was the most powerful monarch of his time. Suleiman
He was the "Weak Ruler." Jahangir
He was the ancestor of Akbar. Babur
He was the leader of the redheads. Isma'il
He was overthrown by his son. Shah Jahan
He overspent on luxuries and overtaxed his people. Shah Jahan
He established Shi'i Islam as the Safavid state religion. Isma'il
His conquests laid the foundation fodr the Mughal Empire. Babur
He was married to a brillant politician, Nur Jahan. Jahangir
He conquered the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Selim
He claimed to be descended from Genghis Khan. Timur
He massacred thousands of residents of Delhi and built a tower of their skulls. Timur
He conquered Constantinople. Mehmet
He was known as "The Lawgiver." Suleiman
He was intolerant of Hindus. Jahangir
He ruled the Ottoman Empire during it's height. Suleiman
He regained the kingdom that was stolen from him as a boy. Babur
He conquered present day Iran. Isma'il
The capital of the Safavid Empire. Isfahan
The empire the janissaries aided in building. Ottoman
The Shi'i Islam empire. Safavid
The Safavid Dynasty declined because ____________ leaders. incompetent
The Mughal Empire orginated the county of India
The Mughal Empire weakened under his rule. Aurangzeb
He massacred the Sunni population of Baghdad. Isma'il
Mehmet was a ruler of the _________ Empire. Ottoman
Nur Jahan was the wife of a ruler in the __________ Empire. Mughal
Suleiman encouraged the flourishing of the __________. arts
He captured Cairo. Selim
He executed all his rivals to become leader of the Ottoman Empire. Selim
She was the real ruler of India, not her husband. Nur Jahan
He conquered Persia, Russia, and India. Timur
He expanded the Mughal Empire to its greatest size. Aurengzeb
The Mughal shah who was intolerant of other religions. Aurengzeb
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