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Flavin PHBII wk 3 19

Venipuncture FACTS Flavin 2019 FINAL

A _________should not be left on for longer than one minute before blood is drawn tourniquet
___________is the most commonly used antiseptic for venipuncture. Isopropyl alcohol
White blood cells help fight ______ infection
_________specimens are the most commonly collected blood specimens. Venous
The median _______vein is the most commonly used vein for venipuncture. cubital
The Needle Safety and Prevention Act requires that all needles have a safety mechanism to prevent accidental __________ needle sticks.
The first step after an accidental needlestick injury is ______ the site with soap H20 wash
Blood culture specimens should be collected in a set of ____________ bottles. aerobic and anaerobic
A CBC requires a ________ tube. purple or lavender
________top tubes should be used to collect coagulation studies Blue
A ___________ is used to count blood cells. hemocytometer
Specimens that require oxygen are known as: aerobic
SST stands for: serum seperator tube
Anaerobic means: lack of or without air (example: Specimens that require carbon dioxide)
QNS means: quantity not sufficient
sodium citrate is an additive found in a ____ color top tube. light blue
Red top tubes are plain; they have no additives or anticoagulants, which results in a ____ clotting of the specimen. longer
_____ is the ingredient found in the purple or lavendar top tube. EDTA
Green top tubes contain heparin
serology is aka chemistry
Purple or lavender top tubes are used for what type of studies? Hematology
The most common test performed from a purple top tube is the __________. CBC
Red Blood Cell RBC
CBC stands for: Complete Blood Count
Although serum can be used for glucose testing ... Gray top tubes are the tubes of choice for glucose testing.
The current order of draw is: sterile, light blue, red and /or marble, green, lavender, and gray. sterile, light blue, red and /or marble, green, lavender, and gray.
Gray top tubes contain _____________ sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate
Prior to drawing the pt's blood you should always verify what 5 things? Pt Full name, DOB, allergies, Ins. and last time they ate or drank
Tourniquets should be placed ___" to ___" above the intended site. three to four inches
The needle should enter the vein at a ______ when you are performing routine venipuncture 15-30 degree angle
The correct procedure is to discontinue a venipuncture is to: remove the tourniquet, tube, and then needle
Specimens should be labeled at pt’s side _______specimen is collected. AFTER (reason: If you need a different tube because of lost suction etc. you will not have that tube labeled.) Good habit to label in front of the patient ALWAYS
The ___________is the layer of WBCs and platelets found after a plasma specimen is centrifuged. buffy coat
Clot formation is required for ____specimens serum
A FBS requires the pt to do what? fast for 10-12 hours
___________most closely represents blood in the body. A purple or lavender tube is used to obtain this. Whole blood
______increases the rate at which a clot forms thrombin
Before spinning a red top tube or an SST what should occur first? clotting
Plasma specimens contain an _______________ anticoagulant (Example: EDTA)
Puprple (lavender) and ______top tubes contain an anticoagulant and therefore do not form a clot, leading to the formation of plasma or whole blood green
The bigger the number (gauge) the _____ the needle. smaller
Specimens should be well mixed by gentle _________ inversion
Vein selection is based on _____ not appearance palpation
CDC Center for Disease Control
RST Rapid Serum Tube
Created by: Iteach4Docs



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