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Ch 6: Exploration

Chapter 6: Age of Exploration

Conquistador Spanish conquerors of the Americas
Colony A settlement of people living in a new territory, linked with the parent country by trade and direct government control
Mercantilism A set of principles that dominated economic thought in the 12th century. Held that propserity of a nation depended on a large supply of gold and silver
Balance of Trade Difference in value between what a nation imports and what it exports over time.
Plantation A large agricultural estate
Triangular Trade Pattern of trade that connected Europe, Africa, Asia and American continents.
Middle Passage Journey of slaves from Africa to the Americas, so called because it was the middle portion of the triangular trade route.
Mainland States Part of a continent, as distinguished from peninsulas or offshore islands.
Bureaucracy Administrative organization that relies on non-elected officials and regular procedures.
What were explorers seeking thorugh exploration? New trade routes
Motives for exploration Gold, Glory, and God
Henry the Navigator Brought together exports to study navigation and sponsored voyages in the Atlantic
Christopher Columbus Italian explorer whose voyage was sponsored by the Spanish. He believed he could find a new trade route to Asia and landed in the Americas, believing he had reached India.
Ferdinand Magellan His crew was the first to sail around the world.
Strait of Magellan Narrow passageway at the tip of South America discovered by Magelland and his crew.
Which country led the way in exploration Portugal
Part of the Triangular trade that describes the transportation from Africa to America Middle Passage
Bartholomeu Dias Portuguese who along with his crew sailed down the coast of Africa and discovered the tip called the Cape of Good Hope.
Mercantilism Economic system based on belief that: -a nations power is based on its wealth -creating a balance of trade (exporting more than you import)
Hernando Cortez and Francisco Pizarro Conquistadors who led invasions against the Aztecs and Incas.
Portuguese who sailed from Portugal to India Vasco Da Gama
Columbian Exchange the extensive exchange of plants and animals between the Old and New Worlds.
Balance of Trade Mercantilist principle which is based on exports being greater than imports.
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