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World: Intro

World Cultures: Intro Vocabulary

Culture The behaviors, beliefs, and products that identify a group of people
Subculture A smaller group within a large culture
Cultural Universals Things all cultures have or do (language, social norms)
Race A categorization of people based on certain physical traits
Ethnicity Where one's ancestors come from; one's heritage
Nationality The country in which one has citizenship
Globalization The increased interaction and interdependence of cultures around the world
Cultural Diffusion The exchange of goods and ideas between cultures
Cultural Fusion A blending of aspects of multiple cultures to create something new
Empathy To understand the experiences of others even if they are different from one's own; put oneself in another's shoes
Stereotype An oversimplified opinion about a whole cultural group
Prejudice Negative behavior toward a certain cultural group, often the result of stereotypes
Infrastructure The basic things a culture needs in order to function (roads, electricity, water supply, etc...)
Sovereignty The power to rule a culture
Autonomy The right of a cultural group to rule itself
Corruption Accepting bribes or favors to benefit oneself rather than the culture
Created by: missmurdough