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Christian Morality

Christian Morality Cards, Socialism, Libertarianism

What is a moral approach? It issues in prescriptions as "Do This" and "don't do that", must be acceptable by all
What is the Aristotlian approach? Do those actions that would further one's proper development as a human being. Can do a little evil if a greater good would come from it.
What is the Utilitarian Approach? Do those actions that maximize the net utility or satisfaction of everyone affected by them, avoiding all evil
Kantian Approach? Do those actions that persons behind an imaginary veil of ignorance would unanimously agree should be done
Strength of Ut. Approach? After you figure the relevant utilities are determined, there is effective decision making procedure that can be used to resolve all practical problems
Strength of Arist. Approach? Is the form we are considering is that it limits the means that can be chosen in pursuit of good consequences. It absolutely prohibits intentionally doing evil that good may come from it.
Strength of Kantian approach? It seeks to limit the means available for the pursuit of good consequences. Behind the veil of ignorance, persons would surely agree that if the evil were trivial, and easily reparable, that it is morally correct
Individual Ethical egoism Everyone ought to do what is in the overall self-interests of just one particular individual
Universal ethical egoism Everyone ought to do what is in his or her overall self interest
Distributive Justice How wealth is distributed with in society
Justice Our obligation/duty
Charity what we should do if we want to make the morally right decision
Libertarianism This group does not support well fare, nothing should be free; believe in the right not to be killed, believe in a small government, no large government
John Hosper Libertarian that stated "The state of being unconstrained by other persons from doing what one wants."
Socialist =equality
Kai Nielson A socialist who argued to have true equality, you must distribute freedoms equally.
Welfare Liberalism W. L. does not say that the fundamental rights and duties in a society are those to which people actually agree, because these might not be fair at all
John Rawls W. L. that believed that you needed to take contractual fairness to the extreme, and he believed that no matter who you are, everyone has the fundamental rights under fair conditions.
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