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MMT Ch 16

Medical Terminology Oncology WGU

3DCRT - 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy
ABCDE - assymetry, border, color, diameter, elevation
adenocarcinoma - from and organ or gland
apoptosis - the body's normal restraining function to keep cell growth in check
BMT - bone marrow transplant
brachytherapy - therapy using radioactive sources that are placed inside the body
BSE - breast self-examination
bx - biopsy
CA - cancer
CAM - complementary and alternative medicine techniques
carcinogenesis - development of cancer
carcinoma - ectodermal or endodermal
CAUTION - Acronym to help detect cancer
chemotherapy - the circulation of cancer destroying medicine throughout the body
CIS - carcinoma in situ
clinical staging - determined by various diagnostic techniques
CTR - certified tumor registrar
en bloc resection - removal of cancerous tumor and lymph nodes
gamma knife surgery - noninvasive type of surgery that uses gamma radiation to destroy brain tumor
grading - the degree of dedifferentiation (anaplasia) ranging from I-IV, IV being the most dedifferentiated
immunotherapy - use the body's own defense system to attack cancer cells
IMRT - intensity-modulated radiation theray, high-dosage radiation delivered via a beam that changes dosage and shape
leukemia - bone marrow
lumpectomy - removal of tumor
lymph node dissection - removal of clinically involved lymph nodes
lymph node mapping - pattern of spread
lymphoma - hodgkin's and non-hodgkins
margins - borders or normal tissue surrounding the cancer
metastasis - the spread of cancer to coniguous organs or distant sites
mets - metastases
myeloma - plasma cells in bone marrow
neoplasm - tumor
oncology - the study of tumors, both malignant and benign
Pap - papanicolaou test
pathologic staging - determined by a pathologist's report
PSA - prostate specific antigen
radical mastectomy - removal of breast containing cancer
sarcoma - mesodermal (connective tissue) ex: chondrosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, mesothelioma,glioma
sentinel node - first node in which lymphatic drainage occurs in a particular area
simple mastectomy - removal of breast tissue containing cancer
SPECT - single-photon emission computed tomography
TNM staging - T: Size of tumor, N: number of nodes, M: metastasis
TSE - testicular self-examination
wide margin resection - significant amount of tissue around the tumor is removed
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