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Q&A CMA CH 1 101-150

CH 1 101-150

Specific terms describe directional aspects of the body. Regardless of the patient's current position, these terms always describe the body in what position anatomic position
Dorsal is similar in meaning to posterior
The body is divided into front and back by which of the following planes? frontal
Those parts farthest from midsagital plane are lateral
The opposite of cepahlic is caudal
The opposite of ventral is dorsal
Caudal is synonymous with the term inferior
A word meaning "near the surface" is superficial
The body is divided into right and left saides by which of the following planes? sagittal
A word meaning "between two other structures" is intermediate
"Retinoid" means resembling the retina
Surgical puncturing of the pleura is pleurocentesis
A bronchial hemorrhage is bronchorrhagia
The word ending -al means pertaining to
Pain in the trachea is trachealgia
"Thrombectomy" means excision of a clot
The abbreviation of Hib, IPV, DtaP, and HBV are types of vaccines
Neo- means new
A vasectomy is an incision into the vas deferens
A common wors for "sternum" is breastbone
The acromion is located nearest to the shoulder
Cycl/o- is a combining form for ciliary body
Plastic surgery of the pupil is coreoplasty
"Lacrimal" is a medical term that means pertaining to tears
Inflammation of the cornea is corneitis
The hard outer covering of theeye is the schlera
The cornea is transparent
Rupture of the navel is omphalorrhexis
Abnormally profuse mestration is menorrhagia
Rubeola is measles
"Suppuration" means formation of pus
A bruise is a/an contusion
Spinal bifida, cleft lip, talipes, and undescended testicle are all examples of congenital anomalies
The ileum is the distal portion of the small intestine
Varicella is commonly called chickenpox
Herpetic stomatitis is a medical term for a condition commonly called cold sore
Strabismus is a condition commonly referred to as squint (crossed eyes)
The medical term for "German measels" is rebella
The lay term fot "urticaria" is hives
The medical term for "pinkeye" is conjunctivitis
"Pertusis" is a medical term for whooping cough
A suffix that means "without opening" is -artesia
As a suffix, -algia means the same as -dynia
A suffix meaning "disease" is -pathy
The combining form -phren/o may refer to either the diaphram or to the mind
As a suffix, -tome means cutting instrument
A suffix that refers to the body is -some
A suffix meaning "to turn or to change" is -tropia
A suffix that means "to burst forth" is -rrhage
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