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Orthopaedics by symptom

Symptoms and SignsCondition
Pain out of proportion to injury, pain in passive stretch of muscular compartment, paraesthesiae and pulselessness Compartment syndrome
Shoulder pain, decreased movement, loss of deltoid contour, arm help internally rotated and abducted Shoulder dislocation
Acutely painful shoulder after vigorous activity, x-ray shows tendon calcification Acute calcifying tendonitis
Middle-aged patient with pain in active shoulder abduction between 60 - 120 degrees Chronic tendonitis
Loss of shoulder movement (active and passive) especially externally rotation Frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis)
Wrist pain and swelling after fall on outstretched hand, tenderness at anatomical snuffbox and telescoping the thumb Scaphoid fracture
Intra-articular fracture dislocation of the first metacarpal bone Bennett's fracture
Fracture of the neck of 5th metacarpal bone Boxer's fracture
Hip pain after fall, leg shrtened and externally rotated Fractured neck of femur
Acute knee swelling, positive anterior draw, Lachman's test +/- pivot shaft difficult to assess due to pain Anterior cruciate ligament rupture
Loud 'pop' and feeling of being kicked in back of leg, tender, may be gap in Achilles tendon, Simmonds/Thompson test +ve Achilles tendon rupture
Pain after exertion, stiffness, reduced range, deformity Osteoarthritis
Painless swelling at back of knee between the two heads of gastrocnemius Baker's cyst (*DD - DVT)
Paediatric - difficulty walking, hip pain, asymmetrical skin crease Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH)
Paediatric under 2 years - hip pain, septic Pyogenic arthritis
Paediatric 4 - 10 years - hip pain, limp, referred knee pain Perthes' disease
10 - 15 years old (often obese male) - hip pain, limp, referred knee pain Slipped upper femoral epiphysis
Paediatric - active child, pain on active extension, pain and prominence around tibial tuberosity Osgood-Schlatter disease
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