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Med Language

For my medical language class

Endo - within
trache/o trachea/windpipe
stern/o sternum/breastbone
trans- across or through
urethr/o urethra/tube that carries urine from the urinary bladder to the outside.
anti- against
bacteri/o bacteria
leuko- white
penia - a deficiency
vascul/o blood vessels
para- live (viable) births
arthr/o a joint
-centesis surgical puncture
colon/o the colon
-scope a usually lighted instrument to view
-scopy the process of using a usually lighted instrument to view
lapar/o abdomen
append/o appendix
-ectomy surgical removal (excision)
hepat/o the liver
-itis inflammation
-plasty surgical repair
mast/o a breast
-pexy surgical fixation
splen/o the spleen
-megaly enlargement
oste/o bone
-tome an instrument to cut
phleb/o a vein
-tomy surgical incision
-stomy a new (artificial) opening
cephal/o the head
thorac/o the thorax (chest)
- algia pain
-dynia pain
hem/o blood
hemat/o blood
-lysis break up or destruction
-lytic break up or destruction
emesis- vomiting
-rrhaphy suturing
herni/o hernia
-cide killing
-gen creation of
path/o disease
carcin/o cancerous
-oma tumors or mass
-ia a condition
-y a condition
therm/o heat
-meter an instrument to measure
angi/o a vessel
vas/o a vessel
-rrhexis a rupture
-spasm an involuntary muscle contraction of
quadri- four
pleg/o paralysis
tox/o toxic
thyr/o the thyroid
dipl- double
-opia vision
lip/o fat
-oid resembling
-tripsy crushing
phas/o speech
dys- difficult or painful
phag/o swallowing
-cele herniation
neur/o nerve
arteri/o artery (ies)
-stenosis narrowing
blephar/o an eyelid
-plasm growth or development
-plasia growth or development
-trophy growth or development
neo- new
hemi- right or left half (side) of the body
nas/o nose
rhin/o nose
-ic -al -ous pertaining to
-rrhea flow
retro- behind
a- no
sub- under
vertebr/o vertebra a.k.a. the spinal column
muscul/o a muscle
men/o menstrual
intra- & endo- within
inter- between
prandi/o meals
nat/i birth
cyt/o cell(s)
thromb/o clot
lith/o stone(s)
ren/o & nephr/o kidney
derm/o skin
bi- two
later/o sides
-gram a record
-graph the machine used to record
-graphy the process of recording
-logy the study of
-ist a specialist
bi/o life
micro- small
supra- above
epi- above
-iasis abnormal condition
-osis abnormal condition
pre- before
post after
hypo- under (or deficient)
-emia a blood condition
Hyper- excessive
cardi/o the heart
echo- using sound
glyc/o sugar
electro- the electrical activity
gastr/o the stomach
Created by: camarokid13