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Block 3 Drugs

Cimetidine trade name Tagamet
Cimetidine class H2 antag
Ranitidine trade name Zantac
Ranitidine class H2 antag
Famotidine trade name Pepcid
Famotidine class H2 antag
Omeprazole trade name Prilosec
Omeprazole class Proton pump inhibitor
Metronidazole class Nitroimidazol antibiotic
Amoxicillin class Penicillin antibiotic
Clarithomycin class Macrolide antibiotic
AlOH3 and MgOH2 trade name Mylanta, Maalox
Mylanta, Maalox class Antacid Salt
Calcium Carbonate trade name Tums
Tums class Antacid Salt
Sodium Bicarbonate trade name Alka Seltzer
Alka Seltzer class Antacid Salt
Sucralfate trade name Carafate
Sucralfate class Mucosal protective agent
Misoprostol trade name Cytotec
Misoprostol class Mucosal Protective Agent
Bismuth Subasalicylate trade name Pepto Bismol
Bismuth Subsalicylate class Mucosal Protective Agent
Metoclopramide trade name Reglan
Metoclopramide class Prokinetic Agent
Cimetadine Adverse blocks P450s
Famotidine Advantage does not inhibit first pass ethanol metabolism
Proton Pump Inhibitor MOA covalent modification of H/K ATPase- irreversible
Zollinger-Ellison treatment of choice Proton Pump Inhibitors
Sucralfate MOA produces protective covering of ulceration
Misoprostol MOA Prostaglandin receptor agonist- inc. secretion of mucous and bicarb
Misoprostol Adverse causes myometrial contrxn- no use in pregnancy
Metoclopramide MOA 5-HT4 receptor agonist- gastric emptying
Ciprofloxacin trade name Cipro
Ciprofloxacin class Fluorinated 4-quinolone
Ofloxacin trade name Floxin
Ofloxacin class Fluorinated 4-quinolone
Norfloxacin class Fluorinated 4-quinolone
Octreotide trade name Sandostatin
Octreotide class Somatostatin analog
Diphenoxylate trade name Lomotil
Diphenoxylate class Piperidine opioid mu agonist
Difenoxin trade name Motofen
Difenoxin class Piperidine opioid mu agonist
Loperamide trade name Imodium
Loperamide class Piperidine opioid mu agonist
Ondensatron trade name Zofran
Ondensatron class 5-HT3 Antagonist
Granisetron trade name Kytril
Granisetron class 5-HT3 Antagonist
Trimethobenzamide trade name Tigan
Trimethobenzamide class D2 antagonist- prokinetic agent
Chlorpromazine trade name Thorazine
Chlorpromazine class Neuroleptic
Prochlorperazine trade name Compazine
Prochlorperazine class Neuroleptic
Heloperidol trade name Haldol
Heloperidol class Neuroleptic
Dexamethasone class Glucocorticoid
Dronabinol trade name Marinol (pot)
Dronabinol class Cannabinoid
Lorazepam trade name Ativan
Lorazepam class Benzodiazepines
Promethazine class Antihistamine
Scopolamine class Anticholinergic
Ipecac Emetic
Opioid MOA Reduced motility, acid- antidiarrheal
Fluorinated 4- quinolones MOA Inhibit A subunit of DNA gyrase
Bismuth salicylate MOA coating ulceration (dyspepsia), antimicrobial(ulcers and diarrhea)
mu opioid agonists MOA inhib of presynaptic nerves of myenteric plexus- low motility
Difenoxylate, Difenoxin Adverse Affect CNA- can be addictive
Octreotide MOA Interaction with somatostatin receptor
Octreotide Adverse gallstones due to decreased emptying
5-HT3 receptor antagonists MOA block 5-HT3 receptor- anti-emetics
Metoclopramide anti-emetic MOA 5-HT3 agonist, D2 antag- inc. motility
Dexamethasone MOA decrease inflammation- anti-emetic
Dronabinol MOA Cannabinoid agonist- anti-emetic
Promethazine, Diphenylhydramine MOA H1 receptor antagonists- motion sickness and vertigo
Scopolamine MOA Muscarinic antagonist- motion sickness
Apomorphine class pro-emetic (poisoning)- stimulates the CTZ
Diuretics Compounds that produce salt excretion
Diuretic uses CHF, Hypertension, Edema
Acetazolamide trade name Diamox
Acetazolamide class CA inhibitor
Dichlorophenamide trade name Daranide
Dichlorophenamide class CA inhibitor
Methazolamide trade name Neptazane
Methazolamide class CA inhibitor
CA inhibitor uses Glaucoma, Cerebral Edema, Alkalosis
CA inhibitor MOA dec. reabs. of bicarb
Glycerin class Osmotic Diuretic
Isosorbide class Osmotic Diuretic
Mannitol class Osmotic Diuretic
Urea class Osmotic Diuretic
Osmotic Diuretic MOA osmotically keep water in tubule- excretion
Ethacrynic Acid trade name Edecrin
Ethacrynic Acid class Loop Diuretic
Furosemide trade name Lasix
Furosemide class Loop Diuretic
Bumetanide trade name Bumex
Bumetanide class Loop Diuretic
Torsemide trade name Demadex
Torsemide class Loop Diuretic
Loop Diuretic MOA look up!
Loop Diuretic secretion not filtered- secreted in prox tubule
Loop Diuretic adverse K+ wasting, hyponatremia
Chlorothiazide trade name Diuril
Chlorothiazide class Thiazide diuretic
Hydrochlorothiazide trade name Hydrodiuril
Hydrochlorothiazide class Thiazide diuretic
Thiazide MOA Inhib NaCl symport in dist tubule
Thiazide adverse tolerance after 1 wk, lethal with Quinidine (antiarrhythmetic)
Amiloride trade name Midamor
Triamterene trade name Dyrenium, Maxide
Amiloride class Na+ channel inhibitor
Triamterene class Na+ channel inhibitor
Na+ channel inhib advantage K+ sparing
Na+ channel inhib MOA Inhib Na+ channel in dist tubule
Spironolactone trade name Aldactone
Spironolactone class Aldosterone Antagonist
Aldosterone Antagonist MOA Prevents ALDO-MR binding, dec. Na+ reabs and K+ secretion
T. enanthate, cypionate, propionate IM Testosterone replacements
Testoderm Transcrotal Testosterone replacement
Androderm Transdermal Testosterone replacement patch
Androgel Transdermal Testosterone replacement gel
Testopel subQ implant testosterone replacement
Sildenafil trade name Viagra
Sildenafil MOA PDE 5 inhibitor- inc. cGMP, vasodilation
Sildenafil use Tx. of ED
Vardenafil trade name Levitra
Vardenafil MOA PDE 5 inhibitor- inc. cGMP, vasodilation
Vardenafil use Tx. of ED
Tadalafil trade name Cialis
Tadalafil MOA PDE 5 inhibitor- inc. cGMP, vasodilation
Tadalafil use Tx. ED
Yohimbine class a2 adrenergic antagonist
Yohimbine use Tx. psychogenic ED
Papaverine opioid peptide
Papaverine injected tx. for ED
Phentolamine alpha adrenergic antag
Phentolamine injected tx. for ED
Alprostadil class PGE1
Alprostadil admin route penile injection or urethral pellet
Alprostadil use Tx. ED
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